Bolt and nut


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Bolt and nut a metallic pin with a head formed upon one end, and a movable piece (the nut) screwed upon a thread cut upon the other end. See B, C, and D, in illust. above.
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Nuts and bolts - The nuts and bolts are the most essential components of something.


In literature:

It should not be passed through both nut and bolt.
"The Aeroplane Speaks" by H. Barber
Them was much heating and hammering of iron and tightening of bolts and nuts.
"The Jacket (The Star-Rover)" by Jack London
He went over it bolt by bolt, nuts, screws, wires, and wings passing under his careful and critical eye.
"Battling the Clouds" by Captain Frank Cobb
One touch of my thumb, up you go in a cloud of smoke and come down in a shower of nuts and bolts.
"The Velvet Glove" by Harry Harrison
Clean them with a wire brush, and oil the threads on the bolt and in the nut to make them work easily.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
This projecting part of the bolt is then passed through the screw eye (H) and another nut (J) screwed on to it to hold it in place.
"Common Science" by Carleton W. Washburne
The bolt with its screw nut and washer were lying on the ground, where, apparently, they had fallen.
"The Law-Breakers" by Ridgwell Cullum
This saved weight because heavy flanges, nuts, and bolts were dispensed with.
"The First Airplane Diesel Engine: Packard Model DR-980 of 1928" by Robert B. Meyer
Lot of loose bolts and nuts.
"Frontier Boys in the South Seas" by Wyn Roosevelt
The key and spindle had threads cut like a common bolt and nut.
"The Story of a Strange Career" by Anonymous
Do I know an engine, every last nut and bolt in her, or don't I?
"The Night Operator" by Frank L. Packard
Occasionally go over every part of machine and see that all taper pins, bolts, nuts, etc., are snug in place.
"Paper-Cutting Machines" by Niel, Jr., Gray
These parallelograms are then assorted as to size, and fitted together at the back by brass bolts and nuts.
"The Pictorial Press" by Mason Jackson
Every bolt and nut must be examined and tightened.
"Bert Wilson at the Wheel" by J. W. Duffield
These flanges are then connected by bolts and nuts as in the marine coupling.
"An Introduction to Machine Drawing and Design" by David Allan Low
Farmers have never appreciated the value of light, handy wrenches to fit all sorts of nuts and bolt heads closely.
"Farm Mechanics" by Herbert A. Shearer
Bore the holes, bolt on the squares quite firmly (but leave the screws out as yet), then insert the leg rods, and tighten the nuts.
"Taxidermy and Zoological Collecting" by William T. Hornaday
Nothing was standard, not even the sizes of such simple affairs as nuts and bolts.
"The Modern Railroad" by Edward Hungerford
He personally filled the tank, looked to the oil, and went over every nut and bolt and valve.
"Bert Wilson's Twin Cylinder Racer" by J. W. Duffield
Bolt and nut Boulon et ecrou.
"English-French and French-English dictionary of the motor car, cycle, and boat" by Frederick Lucas

In news:

Transforming Nuts and Bolts Into Big-Time Deals.
The Nuts and Bolts of Rimless Part 2.
The first half of The Nuts and Bolts of Rimless (L&T May 2006) covered edge thickness, lens materials, tintability, drilling techniques and frame adjustment.
Tooling Technology, Fort Loramie, OH, introduces the Segen quick-change system that replaces nuts, bolts, fasteners and hand tools to reduce the time required to prepare platen, die and mold setups requiring clamping, fixturing and alignment.
With ratchet, screwdriver, wrench, sockets and screwdriver bits of all shapes and sizes, Husky's 45-Piece Stubby Set can tighten or loosen just about every nut, bolt and fastener on your RV.
I have a bunch of these Instant Gatorade containers that I use for nuts and bolts etc.
INDIANAPOLIS — Mechanics will check every nut, bolt and bearing on their cars.
Weighing the ( Very Light ) Nuts and Bolts of the X Prize's Edison2.
Barry staffer uses nuts-and-bolts approach to serving others.
Quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts — frees frozen shafts, pulleys, etc.
The volunteers at Associated Charities in La Junta were overjoyed to see the empty spaces on their shelves filled with donations from Lewis Bolt & Nut's annual food drive contest and the Toy Bowl contributions.
With this bolted into place, all of the nuts and bolts were tightened and we moved on to the rear suspension.
" Roberts said that it was great to be able to work without a strict development schedule, and reflected that he was happy to be personally involved in the "nuts and bolts" aspect of the game.
Here's how Michael Buffington made it relevant again with a 3D printer and some off-the-shelf nuts and bolts.
The 'nuts and bolts' of jewelry making.

In science:

To apply the HVs to the GEM electrodes, we adopt a bolt-and-nut method. A brass nut is adhered to an electrode on the front side of the PC board.
A GEM TPC End-Panel Pre-Prototype
The “challenge of architecture and algorithms” refers to the nuts and bolts of getting highquality implementations to run rapidly on machines, e.g., given architectural constraints imposed by communication and memory hierarchy issues or the existence of multiple processing units on a single chip.
Computation in Large-Scale Scientific and Internet Data Applications is a Focus of MMDS 2010
Why the Decision Theoretic Perspective Misrepresents Frequentist Inference: ‘Nuts and Bolts’ vs.
Why the Decision Theoretic Perspective Misrepresents Frequentist Inference: 'Nuts and Bolts' vs. Learning from Data
Nuts and bolts’ vs. learning from data Let us bring out the key features of a situation where the above decisiontheoretic set up makes perfectly good sense.
Why the Decision Theoretic Perspective Misrepresents Frequentist Inference: 'Nuts and Bolts' vs. Learning from Data
This is the situation Fisher (1955) called acceptance sampling, such as an industrial production process where the ob jective is quality control, i.e. to make a decision pertaining to shipping sub-standard products (e.g. nuts and bolts) to a buyer using the expected loss/gain as the ultimate criterion.
Why the Decision Theoretic Perspective Misrepresents Frequentist Inference: 'Nuts and Bolts' vs. Learning from Data
Norval Fortson and Warren Nagourney, for showing me both the broad stokes, and nuts and bolts of atomic experimental physics.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
He also described some of the nuts and bolts issues of operation and the development of the laboratory and users group.
Matters of Gravity, the newsletter of the APS TG on gravitation