• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Bere bēr (Bot) Barley; the six-rowed barley or the four-rowed barley, commonly the former (Hordeum hexastichon or Hordeum vulgare).
    • n Bere See Bear, barley.
    • v. t Bere bēr To pierce.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: No evidence of man's evolutionary ancestors has so far been found in either North or South America. Fossils and other remains suggest that the first Americans crossed the Bering Straits (which at the time was dry land) from Asia between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago.
    • n bere etc. An obsolete form of bear, bear, etc., berry, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Bere another spelling of Bear, barley (q.v.).
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. bere,. See Barley


In literature:

Discovery of the strait bearing his name by Bering.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, v. 13" by Various
Only a few attempts have been made through Bering Strait.
"Farthest North" by Fridtjof Nansen
But I guess I had better tell you how we came to be in Bering last Summer.
"Fire Mountain" by Norman Springer
Already the Mongoloid tribes, who had crossed where in my day was the Bering Strait, were cut off from the Old World.
"Astounding Stories, May, 1931" by Various
The way through Bering Straits would not be open until June, at the earliest.
"The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
Tri maic beres genas do gais: gal, gart, gaire.
"The Triads of Ireland" by Kuno Meyer
Between Bering Strait and the pole there is a negative anomaly in all months.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 5" by Various
It is a mere shallow roadstead open to the clear sweep and attack of the Bering Sea.
"The Land of Nome" by Lanier McKee
The wind was increasing, darkness was near, they had not yet reached the Bering slope.
"The Crimson Gardenia and Other Tales of Adventure" by Rex Beach
The nurse of O'Sullivan Bere in the folk song prays that the bed of his betrayer may be the red hearth-stone of hell for ever.
"Ideas of Good and Evil" by William Butler Yeats

In poetry:

He gaf Johne the seel in hand,
The scheref for to bere,
To brynge Robyn hym to,
And no man do hym dere.
"Robin Hood And The Monk" by Andrew Lang
The aungil came fro hevene tour
To grete Marye with gret honour,
And seyde sche xuld bere the flour
That xulde breke the fyndes bond.
"Of a Rose, a Lovely Rose, Of a Rose is Al myn Song" by Anonymous British
We've drunk our rum in Portland
And we've thrashed through Bering Strait—
And we've toed the mark on a Yankee barque
With a hard-case Down-east mate.
"Seafarer" by Anonymous Americas
Iesu, swete sone dere!
On porful bed list thou here,
And that me greveth sore;
For thi cradel is ase a bere,
Oxe and asse beth thi fere:
Weepe ich mai tharfore.
"Our Lady's Song" by Anonymous British
Pain, pain exalts me Into consciousness:
I am awake! My jangled anguish rives
Each tense quick nerve pricked by unnum-
bered knives,
My only solace, my own dark distress.
"The Microcosm" by E J Rupert Atkinson
An' their cwombs be a-zet in their bunches o' heäir,
An' their currels do hang roun' their necks lily-white,
An' their cheäks they be rwosy, their shoulders be beäre,
Their looks they be merry, their limbs they be light.
"Evenèn, An’ Maidens Out At Door" by William Barnes

In news:

Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Alaska Fisheries Science Center have calculated the initial biomass estimates from the 2011 eastern Bering Sea survey.
After more than 25 years as an anesthesiologist, Dr Bering was looking for something new.
The coast of Alaska, one of the longest in the world, is bordered by many large bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean.
Scientific American 's Jesse Bering debunks feminism.
The Healy, left, a Coast Guard icebreaker , carves a path in the frozen Bering Sea for the Renda, a Russian tanker carrying 1.3 million gallons of emergency gasoline and diesel for Alaska.
Mahala Rai Banda Crammed Craw By Derek Beres.
NOME — Crews worked to build a path Sunday over a half-mile of Bering Sea ice for the final leg of a Russian tanker's mission to deliver fuel to a town isolated amid one of the most severe Alaska winters in decades.
While many in this Bering Sea burg have seen Russia, they don't feel qualified to be on the presidential ticket.
Upgrades Make Vessel More Efficient, Optimize it for Work in the Bering Sea.
Reggae star Beres Hammond brings it all home with a double-disc classic.
Beres Hammond, "One Love, One Life" (VP).
Bering Sea crab fisheries set to open.
The state's biggest crab fisheries get under way in the Bering Sea on Oct 15.
Native storyteller Jack Dalton tells the story "Fiery Hand," about a monster that flies over the Bering Sea seeking out and eating children who misbehave.
King crab fishing in the Bering Sea is dangerous business, but contrary to what the cable television show suggests, it is not the deadliest catch.

In science:

The domain B is fibered over B(I ) by half planes such that the Z (NI )-orbit space of a fiber is a half line.
Compactifications defined by arrangements I: the ball quotient case
We can choose fibered coordinates (xµ , y i ) on B and, in these coordinates, the field configuration can be locally represented as σ i : xµ 7→ (xµ , y i = σ i (xµ )).
The First Law of Isolated Horizons via Noether Theorem
Local fibered coordinates (xµ , y i , y i µ1 ..µk ) can be chosen on J kB and they denote the spacetime derivatives of fields up to order k .
The First Law of Isolated Horizons via Noether Theorem
Norris: Covariant field theory on frame bundles of fibered manifolds. J.
A Frame Bundle Generalization of Multisymplectic Momentum Mappings
Bi of the fiber bundle πi : Mi × R → Bi is a manifold of dimension (4n − 1), fibered itself over R with pro jection τi .
Hyperhamiltonian dynamics