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    • n Bartholdi French sculptor best known for creating the Statue of Liberty now in New York harbor
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In literature:

And you must know or old Bartholdi wouldn't trust you.
"The Sleuth of St. James's Square" by Melville Davisson Post
Mr. Gladstone, the Duke of Argyll, Pasteur, Canon Farrar, Bartholdi, Salvini, and a score of others represented English and European opinion.
"The Americanization of Edward Bok" by Edward William Bok
Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn (composer), Baruch Spinoza (philosopher), Mendoza (pugilist), Ferdinand Lassalle (reformer, duellist).
"Ulysses" by James Joyce
Reminiscences of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.
"The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2" by Rupert Hughes
Bartholdy, Voyage en Grece, 1803-4.
"Robert Kerr's General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 18" by William Stevenson
We arrived at Belfort at about noon, and first saw the "Belfort Lion" by Bartholdi, the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.
"A Journey Through France in War Time" by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
Brown there or I'll swallow Bartholdi's statue!
"The Confessions of a Caricaturist, Vol 2 (of 2)" by Harry Furniss
Most are still and motionless, helmeted, and with bayoneted rifles, like figures some Bartholdi or Rodin might have chiseled from bronze.
"The Greater Love" by George T. McCarthy
Bartholdi Casa, 40, 43, 44, 60.
"Overbeck" by J. Beavington Atkinson
And Bartholdi made the statue and it's a present from France.
"Sunny Boy in the Big City" by Ramy Allison White
His wife was Leah Salomon, the sister of Salomon Bartholdy, afterwards councillor of legation.
"Jewish Literature and Other Essays" by Gustav Karpeles
On either side the shores fell away from us, leaving Bartholdi's statue, for a brief moment, the dominant note in the scene.
"Aliens" by William McFee
BARTHOLDI CRECHE 21 University Pl.
"The Children of the Poor" by Jacob A. Riis
Florian, the friend of Bartholdy, although nearly of the same age, was shorter by the head.
"Tales from "Blackwood," Volume 3" by Various
Florian, the friend of Bartholdy, although nearly of the same age, was shorter by the head.
"Tales from Blackwood, Volume 3" by Various
This fountain is the work of Frederic Augustus Bartholdi, a French sculptor and pupil of Scheffer.
"Peculiarities of American Cities" by Willard Glazier
These first essays are yet to be seen in Bartholdy's house, in the Via Sistina at Rome.
"Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad with Tales and Miscellanies Now First Collected" by Anna Jameson
Among others, I often visited Bartholdi in his studio.
"My Memoirs" by Marguerite Steinheil
BARTHOLDY, Jacob Levi Salomo, was uncle on the mother's side to Felix Mendelssohn born, in Berlin, 1779, died in Rome, 1826.
"Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ" by Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.
Bendemann, T. Hildebrand, Carl Sohn, and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.
"Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy from Italy and Switzerland" by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

In news:

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904) was a French sculptor who was awarded the commission, (and responsibility), of designing a statue.
Of a distinguished intellectual, artistic and banking family in Berlin, he grew up in a privileged environment (the family converted from Judaism to Christianity in 1816, taking the additional "Bartholdy").
La Liberté éclairant le monde) is a neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886.

In science:

Bartholdi and Sunik prove that all lamplighter groups Lm are automata groups.
Cone types and geodesic languages for lamplighter groups and Thompson's group F
Bartholdi, L., and Woess, W.: Spectral computations on lamplighter groups and Diestel-Leader graphs, J.
The Poisson boundary of lamplighter random walks on trees
The path is analyzed in , also using Radon transforms on a finite trees and a finite analogous of the construction of Bartholdi and Woess .
Harmonic analysis of finite lamplighter random walks
Laurent Bartholdi and Wolfgang Woess, Spectral computations on lamplighter groups and DiestelLeader graphs, J.
On the Eigenspaces of Lamplighter Random Walks and Percolation Clusters on Graphs
Bartholdi, L., and Woess, W.: Spectral computations on lamplighter groups and DiestelLeader graphs, J.
A note on the Poisson boundary of lamplighter random walks
This idea was first used by Bartholdi and Vir`ag [BV05] for proving amenability of the socalled Basilica group B.
Self-similarity and random walks
This technique was recently applied by Bartholdi, Kaimanovich and Nekrashevych [BKN08] to prove amenability of all self-similar groups generated by bounded automata (this class, in particular, contains the Basilica group).
Self-similarity and random walks
Laurent Bartholdi, Vadim Kaimanovich, and Volodymyr Nekrashevych, On amenability of automata groups, arXiv:0802.2837, 2008. E.
Self-similarity and random walks
In understanding the frontier between amenable and non-amenable groups, the Basilica group G(B) stands out as an important example: Bartholdi and Vir ´ag proved that it is amenable , but its amenability cannot be decided by the criteria of the previous paragraph.
Groups defined by automata
Bartholdi, L., Kaimanovich, V. A. and Nekrashevych, V. V. (2010).
Speed exponents of random walks on groups
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Percolation on infinite graphs and isoperimetric inequalities
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Expansion of Random Graphs: New Proofs, New Results
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Quantum graphs where back-scattering is prohibited
Sato (2005) “A new proof of Bartholdi’s theorem,” J.
Quantum graphs where back-scattering is prohibited
Bartholdi: Counting Paths in Graphs, Enseign.
Radial Averages on Regular and Semiregular Graphs