• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Baggager One who takes care of baggage; a camp follower.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n baggager One who carries baggage; specifically, one who assists in carrying the baggage of an army.
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  • William Congreve
    “In my conscience I believe the baggage loves me, for she never speaks well of me herself, nor suffers any body else to rail at me.”
  • John Gay
    “Do you think your mother and I should have lived comfortably so long together, if ever we had been married? Baggage!”
  • Charles Dudley Warner
    Charles Dudley Warner
    “Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.”
  • Mark Russell
    Mark Russell
    “The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline baggage.”


Bag and baggage - Bag and baggage means all your possessions, especially if you are moving them or leaving a place.


In literature:

Ben brought their trunks and other baggage after them, and they were soon installed in their new quarters.
"Down South" by Oliver Optic
The boy accompanied them, now carrying the roll of baggage.
"Mary Louise Solves a Mystery" by L. Frank Baum
The offer was, of course, accepted, the baggage housed and the carriage dismissed.
"Bidwell's Travels, from Wall Street to London Prison" by Austin Biron Bidwell
A party of American tourists, just arrived from China, are awaiting the inspection of their baggage.
"The Great White Tribe in Filipinia" by Paul T. Gilbert
As we approached, I saw a crowd of people being driven into baggage cars.
"Trapped in 'Black Russia'" by Ruth Pierce
The girls have just got back, riding in a mule team, on top of baggage, but without either mother or any of our affairs.
"A Confederate Girl's Diary" by Sarah Margan Dawson
Another exceedingly bad feature of our loss was the absence of a piece of baggage to help convince the landlord of our responsibility.
"Twenty Years of Hus'ling" by J. P. Johnston
The baggage was already in the cab.
"Nobody's Boy" by Hector Malot
We'll get a cab, and put the baggage right in.
"Rollo in Scotland" by Jacob Abbott
They put the baggage on the top of the diligence, along the whole length of it behind the bellows-top.
"Rollo in Geneva" by Jacob Abbott

In poetry:

Our baggage totters on its roof,
Of Vanity and Care,
As Hope, the postboy, spurs each hoof,
Or heavy-eyed Despair.
"At The Sign Of The Skull" by Madison Julius Cawein
Easy 'tis following the chariot
That by Fortune is driven,
Like the baggage that moves
Over well-mended highways
After the train of a prince.
"Winter Journey Over The Hartz Mountain" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Back along the woodland, all the day is dead,
All the green has turned to gray, and all the gold to lead;
O 'tis bitter cruel, sweet, to treat a lover so:
If only I were half a man . . . I'd let the baggage go.
"Broken Tryst" by Richard Le Gallienne
So for your face I have exchanged all faces,
For your few properties bargained the brisk
Baggage, the mask-and-magic-man's regalia.
Now you become my boredom and my failure,
Another way of suffering, a risk,
A heavier-than-air hypostasis.
"To My Wife" by Philip Larkin

In news:

He says he's changed, but Gingrich still carries ethics baggage.
Should overweight customers be footing the bill for their excess baggage.
A bomb scare that shut a terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for 90 minutes on Friday morning was caused by a passenger carrying what he said was a water filtration system in his checked baggage, an official said.
Tailwinds on the Horizon for this Baggage-Heavy Megabank.
Beaufort is hitting the small screen as the setting of a reality show similar to "Pawn Stars," "Storage Wars" and "Baggage Battles".
The owners of A&A Auction Gallery are hoping for a good crowd Thursday when celebrities from Travel Channel's "Baggage Battles" reality show will film the action at their Harvey West warehouse.
" Firearms and firearm components are not prohibited in checked baggage but do need to be properly declared and packed," the TSA said in a statement.
BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Josh Gordon arrived at training camp out of shape, unfamiliar with the Browns' playbook and saddled with personal baggage from a troubled college career.
GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Officials in Guyana say they plan to fire nearly a dozen baggage handlers and ramp attendants after police found 57 pounds of cocaine that was about to be loaded onto a flight headed for New York City.
Baggage handler fired for helping injured dog bound for cargo hold.
Multiple baggage handlers in Philadelphia were interviewed by the FBI and Philadelphia police, including Price, whom police interviewed by phone Oct 11.
Multiple baggage handlers in Philadelphia were interviewed, including Price, who was interviewed by phone Oct 11.
Investigators interviewed Price after US Airways security officials provided them with a list of all the baggage handlers who had access to the flight.
Authorities said that Yongda Huang Harris, held after he was found to have checked knives and other weapons in his baggage, had manuals on his computer detailing how to kill people.
"You can't head into your forties and not have baggage," says frontman Rob Thomas.

In science:

However, the reader who feels that locally presentable categories and essentially algebraic theories are more technical baggage than he or she wishes to carry may safely skip this subsection and move on to Section 2.
Weak Omega Categories I
They are ‘excess baggage’ that has to be discarded to reach a more comprehensive theory .
Generalizing Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Spacetime
Emergence and excess baggage are two ways of looking at the same thing.
Generalizing Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Spacetime
Physics is replete with examples of emergence and excess baggage ranging from Earth-centered theories of the solar system to quantum electrodynamics.
Generalizing Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Spacetime
The excess baggage that must be jettisoned at each stage to reach a more general perspective is indicated in the middle tower of boxes.
Generalizing Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Spacetime