Atmospheric line


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    • Atmospheric line (Steam Engin) the equilibrium line of an indicator card. Steam is expanded “down to the atmosphere” when its pressure is equal to that of the atmosphere. (See Indicator card
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In literature:

The shores were lined with dead salmon, which tainted the whole atmosphere.
"Astoria Or, Anecdotes Of An Enterprise Beyond The Rocky Mountains" by Washington Irving
The atmospheric line is represented by the line o o.
"A Catechism of the Steam Engine" by John Bourne
I think, however, they may be fairly quoted as lines suggesting the mid-Victorian atmosphere that clings round all but his greatest work.
"The Art of Letters" by Robert Lynd
There was no atmosphere, so the edge was a sharp line between dark and light.
"Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet" by Harold Leland Goodwin
On the planet, more bombs were going off just outside atmosphere beyond the sunset line.
"Space Viking" by Henry Beam Piper
What atmosphere is created in this line?
"The Ontario High School Reader" by A.E. Marty
I read beneath the lines; I saw how nearly the atmosphere of Congress had ruined you.
"A Spoil of Office" by Hamlin Garland
The great breadth of the lines probably indicates that these stars are surrounded by hydrogen atmospheres of great dimensions.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
All these observations, however (setting aside the stellar line as of doubtful significance), point to a cool planetary atmosphere.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
This atmosphere is enough to float a line-of-battle ship.
"'Tween Snow and Fire" by Bertram Mitford
The queue snaked all the way through the market and out to the street, where the line had a casual, party kind of atmosphere.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow
The mere lines submerge us at once in a new atmosphere tingling with charmed excitement.
"Literature in the Elementary School" by Porter Lander MacClintock
In all the gradations of the thermal line, is there any atmosphere more unbearable than that of a ball-room before the dancing commences?
"The Child Wife" by Mayne Reid
The walls were lined with books and there was an atmosphere about the room which took hold of me at once.
"Jungle Peace" by William Beebe
Humboldt, in 1817, published a treatise on "Isothermal Lines," which initiated a fresh line for the study of atmospheric phenomena.
"Meteorology" by J. G. M'Pherson
The sharpness of these converging parallel lines of shadow in that luminous atmosphere absolutely astounded me.
"Mathieu Ropars: et cetera" by William Young
The objective existence of this atmosphere is proved by the bands and lines of absorption in its spectrum.
"Astronomical Curiosities" by J. Ellard Gore
But here in the middle of the battle line the atmosphere of noble confidence is inspiriting.
"The Balkan Peninsula" by Frank Fox
There was no atmosphere to soften their lines, nor to dull the needle-like points of deepest sable that were their shadows.
"The Revolt of the Star Men" by Raymond Gallun

In news:

If a university community that operates in an atmosphere of openness and trust cannot draw the line at this form of cruelty, what will it deem beyond the pale of civil and civilized society.
Lucifer Furnaces line of gas-tight protective atmosphere furnaces is described in a two-color brochure.
Disgruntled former employees of now-closed Apple distributors crash iPhone party atmosphere as buyers line up to buy the Apple iPhone 5 in Paris.
Installed a vacuum line consisting of two Abar-Ipsen(r) convection-assisted 10-bar vacuum furnaces, two ADIV tempers, two atmosphere tempers, one VarioClean(r) VC3000E washer and two loaders.
The Dewpointe® CH line of atmospheric water generators is designed to produce pure drinking water for businesses, emergency preparedness, and commercial applications.
Upon crossing the causeway at the county line between Charlotte and Lee visitors will enter a world of bright aqua water, beautiful sandy beaches and a small-town atmosphere that can hardly be found anywhere else.
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center, many lines of scientific evidence show the Earth's climate is changing.
Atmospheric autos line up for a Costa Mesa tradition.

In science:

Since tdiffuse ≫ 10 s, the MHD limit applies during the burst and the shearing atmosphere will bend the magnetic field lines.
Rotational Evolution During Type I X-Ray Bursts
Recently, it is a central goal and a real competition among the observers to find line emission from the atmosphere, since the stellar mass M and radius R may be derived by obtaining its gravitational redshift (as M/R) and the pressure broadening (as M/R2) of the lines.
What can the redshift observed in EXO 0748-676 tell us?
I describe recent progress in terms of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres and 3D line formation and their applications to stellar abundance analyses of late-type stars.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
In spite of their still inferior treatment of radiative transfer and line blanketing compared with existing 1D model atmospheres based on the mixing length theory, detailed comparisons with a range of observational diagnostics suggest that these simulations are indeed highly realistic.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
The temporal evolution of the simulations cover several convective turn-over time-scales to allow thermal relaxation to be established and to obtain statistically significant average atmospheric structures and spectral line profiles.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
The 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres described in the previous section form the basis for the 3D spectral line formation calculations.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
The realistic 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres of late-type stars together with corresponding LTE and non-LTE line formation tools described above have a natural application to stellar abundance analyses.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
For abundance studies, the different mean photospheric structure between 3D and 1D models, the existence of atmospheric inhomogenities and the broadening of spectral lines due to convective motions are all important ingredients for the line formation.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
All have quite different sensitivities to the atmospheric structure and the line broadening.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
Unfortunately the different lines imply wildly discortant abundances, the difference amounting to about 0.3 dex both for the Holweger-M¨uller (1974) and marcs (Asplund et al. 1997) 1D model atmospheres.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
The effect of the blending Ni i line reduces the derived abundance significantly (−0.13 dex), while the transition from 1D to 3D model atmospheres and a revised gf -value are of less importance (−0.08 and −0.03 dex, respectively) but compounds the overall difference.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
Upper panel: Derived O abundances from the OH vibrational-rotational lines in the IR using a 3D hydrodynamical simulation of the solar atmosphere.
Stellar abundance analyses in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
During outburst, however, high accretion rates mean the disc atmosphere becomes optically thick, and an absorption line spectrum, arising from the disc photosphere, is observed (e. g.
Evidence for high accretion-rates in Weak-Line T Tauri stars?
For the present study of HD 50896, we employ CMFGEN (Hillier & Miller 1998), which solves the transfer equation in the co-moving frame sub ject to statistical and radiative equilibrium, assuming an expanding, spherically-symmetric, homogeneous and static atmosphere, allowing for line blanketing and clumping.
Spitzer-IRS Sectroscopy of the Prototype Wolf-Rayet star EZ CMa (HD 50896)
Prior to the recent measurements of the secondary eclipses that motivate this paper, Charbonneau et al. (2002) had uncovered evidence for the presence of sodium in the atmosphere of HD209458b from the different transit radii in and out of the Na-D line (see also Fortney et al. 2003).
Theoretical Interpretation of the Measurements of the Secondary Eclipses of TrES-1 and HD209458b