• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Ascertainment The act of ascertaining; a reducing to certainty; a finding out by investigation; discovery. "The positive ascertainment of its limits."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ascertainment The act of fixing or determining; a reducing to certainty.
    • n ascertainment The act of attaining certainty; the acquirement of certain knowledge concerning something; a finding out.
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  • Albert Einstein
    “Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value judgments of all kinds remain necessary.”


In literature:

A player should ascertain the convention followed before beginning to play.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
The fact ascertained, it was intended to kill them both.
"The Yotsuya Kwaidan or O'Iwa Inari" by James S. De Benneville
Will you go to Harvard University and ascertain what becomes of her children?
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 96, October 1865" by Various
The boys, I ascertain, searched one secession house on the road, and found three guns and a small amount of ammunition.
"The Citizen-Soldier" by John Beatty
Go down to the landing and ascertain if my barge is ashore, and let me know it, as soon as is convenient.
"The Two Admirals" by J. Fenimore Cooper
I sent for you to tell you that Detective Caldew has just arrived to ascertain if Phil can identify the revolver.
"The Hand in the Dark" by Arthur J. Rees
This was all that could be ascertained for the moment.
"The Willoughby Captains" by Talbot Baines Reed
Betty was gone to her aunt's, and it was positively ascertained that she was not to return that night.
"Frank Oldfield" by T.P. Wilson
The fellow you fell in with was probably one of their scouts who had been sent forward to ascertain what we were about.
"Adventures in Australia" by W.H.G. Kingston
Whether Mrs Bruin had occupied part of the trunk, we could not positively ascertain.
"Afar in the Forest" by W.H.G. Kingston
At last Arthur entreated that we would go and ascertain what was the matter.
"On the Banks of the Amazon" by W.H.G. Kingston
Some are for taking the latitude and longitude, ascertaining the exact position of places on the earth's surface.
"In the Eastern Seas" by W.H.G. Kingston
Morton's object was to get sufficiently out to sea to ascertain the position of the ship.
"Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships" by W.H.G. Kingston
How could it ever be ascertained that his mind was truly cleansed?
"The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of Jane Austen" by Jane Austen
He must go to San Stefano and ascertain, as far as he could, the true history of the Vasari family.
"Under False Pretences" by Adeline Sergeant
Then came the peace of Westphalia, and the result of the contest was ascertained.
"History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume II (of 2)" by John William Draper
All this may be ascertained from that work.
"The Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha" by Madhava Acharya
So far as her distracted husband could ascertain, she did not owe a penny in the world.
"A Mysterious Disappearance" by Gordon Holmes
I afterward carelessly walked inside and tried, without exciting any suspicion, to ascertain what the information about Banks amounted to.
"The Boy Spy" by Joseph Kerby
It was ascertained, and, from time to time, reported, that the body remained uncorrupted and entire.
"Dealings with the Dead, Volume I (of 2)" by A Sexton of the Old School

In poetry:

Their names were regularly banned,
The wedding day was settled, and
I've ascertained by dint of search
They were married on the quiet at St. Mary Abbot's Church.
"Thomson Green and Harriet Hale" by William Schwenck Gilbert
"Ah! yes. Ah! yes," a heavy sigh escaped the Centipede;
"And I have other trials, too;--my life is hard indeed!
Why, sometimes when I'm very tired, a long, long time it takes
To ascertain with certainty which foot it is that aches.
"The Two Friends" by Carolyn Wells

In news:

MSC dumps 'easily ascertainable ' rule.
Easily ascertainable rule, Keys v Pace, Michigan No-Fault Act, State Farm v Kurylowicz The "easily ascertainable " rule in no-fault law is no more.
Though costs not specified in contract, they are 'readily ascertainable .
The formulas that are used to ascertain what is called the Expected Family Contribution, or E.F.C.
Abstract We performed a study to determine if cerumen in the ear canal causes significant hearing loss and to ascertain if there is any correlation between the amount of cerumen and the degree of hearing loss.
Ultimately, it's a personal choice, and the only way to ascertain the answer is through experimentation.
Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that.
As marketing and research executives ascertain their goals and objectives for the upcoming year, social media is becoming an increasingly large component of their priorities.
To increase rail security, it is vital to understand past train attacks to ascertain terrorist targeting, tactics, techniques, procedures and motivations.
Though costs not specified in contract, they are ' readily ascertainable.
To breakthrough out websites offer online cards reviews you can ascertain a fancify.
Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh says the airline will remain grounded until authorities can approve and ascertain the airworthiness of Kingfisher 's aircraft.
Ascertaining customer preference, and delivering on that preference, top concerns for retailers.
We examined 11 patients with a history of tonsillectomy to ascertain the structural and functional integrity of their anterior tonsillar pillars .
The city of Belen is pursuing an alternative avenue to ascertain which firms are interested in developing, managing and operating the proposed Belen hospital, and possibly choose a firm for the project.

In science:

At this level of contrast it is difficult to ascertain source of errors, although the scatter-light due to imperfect optical components that create speckles in the scientific image and mask profile errors are first to come to mind.
Band-Limited Coronagraphs using a halftone-dot process: II. Advances and laboratory results for arbitrary telescope apertures
Thus, the supersolid character of the system could be experimentally ascertained in a rather straightforward way.
Supersolid phases of cold atom assemblies
Interestingly, it is possible to ascertain that, even in the insulating (e.g., nonsuperfluid) droplet crystal phase, individual droplets are superfluid, as shown by the statistics of permutation exchange cycles 41 .
Supersolid phases of cold atom assemblies
We can now diagonalize both operators and ascertain when they have a simultaneous maximal eigenvector.
The effects of reduced "free will" on Bell-based randomness expansion
One important point is to ascertain when a piece of mathematical text requires functionalities (categories, constructors, operations) not yet covered by MGL. • Advancing in the use of MGL for the production of ever more sophisticated artificial mathematics assistants.
The GF Mathematics Library
It is often the case that some of these properties can be ascertained by visual inspection of the graph of the chain, particularly when the graph is small.
The Cover Time of Random Walks on Graphs
We fitted each long term lightcurve with a line of constant intensity, in order to ascertain the source variability.
12 years of X-ray variability in M31 globular clusters, including 8 black hole candidates, as seen by Chandra
Concretely, if φ is of generation k , this can be ascertained by observing φ’s radius-(k + 1) neighborhood.
When does the top homology of a random simplicial complex vanish?
But, as far as we were able to ascertain, QtNaamen (or any close relative thereof ) is not known (under the appropriate translation to set theoretic language, of course) to set theorists.
Exercices de style: A homotopy theory for set theory II
It remains, therefore, to ascertain when is such an ideal principal.
Exercices de style: A homotopy theory for set theory II
In view of such uncertainty, the task of putting the holographic correspondence on a firm ground and ascertaining the status of its predictions more definitively would be best achieved if this technique were applied to those situations where a prior insight has already been gained by some other means.
Searching for non-Fermi liquids under holographic light
SMGs to the SINS gala xies as we attempt to ascertain how the SMGs differ from typical z ∼ 2 disk galaxies.
Integral Field Spectroscopy of 2.0
This is important because it helps ensure that programs have rigorous mathematical foundations that can be used to ascertain their meaning and correctness.
Generic Fibrational Induction
Several numerical evaluations are applied to ascertain this.
Watersheds are Schramm-Loewner Evolution curves
Until we have better empirical age and metallicity estimates Currently, the only feasible method to include spots, is to infor the various systems, it is too difficult to ascertain the t rue clude their potential effects on the radius measurement uncerlevel of discrepancy for any individual star.
Reevaluating the Mass-Radius Relation for Low-Mass, Main Sequence Stars