As far as


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • As far as to the extent, or degree, that. See As far as, under As.
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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “People wish to be settled. It is only as far as they are unsettled that there is any hope for them.”
  • Simone Weil
    “Charity. To love human beings in so far as they are nothing. That is to love them as God does.”
  • Weisert
    “As far as we know, our computer has never had an undetected error.”
  • Confucius
    “To go too far is as bad as to fall short.”
  • A. H. Euwer
    A. H. Euwer
    “As a beauty I'm not a great star. Others are handsomer far; but my face -- I don't mind it because I'm behind it; it the folks out in front that I jar.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “So far as a person thinks; they are free.”


In literature:

They had taken the train as far as Triesdorf; from there they went on to Merckendorf by stage coach.
"The Goose Man" by Jacob Wassermann
Almost as far as the eye could reach was bare moorland.
"The Day of Judgment" by Joseph Hocking
As far as Clary could see, Ralph had quite as much to say to Patience as to Mary.
"Ralph the Heir" by Anthony Trollope
They had travelled up the Mississippi by steamboat as far as the mouth of the St. Peter's.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
But a word of warning; looking is as far as any of them get.
"The Kingdom Round the Corner" by Coningsby Dawson
As far as he was concerned he frankly dreaded the outcome of the journey.
"The Woman from Outside" by Hulbert Footner
They got as least as far as Thebes, and slept a night under the shade of King Cheops.
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
I sent for you to beg you to do what is right, as far as you can.
"Casa Braccio, Volumes 1 and 2 (of 2)" by F. Marion Crawford
You know the Sioux hunted on the upper Platte, as far as the Rockies.
"The Young Alaskans on the Missouri" by Emerson Hough
Hampton Privets is dear to him only as far as it can be made to look attractive in the eyes of Mary Lowther.
"The Vicar of Bullhampton" by Anthony Trollope
Combat exercises must simulate, as far as possible, the battle conditions assumed.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
A brave belief in life is indeed an enviable state of mind, but, as far as I can discern, an unusual one.
"The Crown of Wild Olive" by John Ruskin
This circumstance is unparalleled in the solar system; indeed, as far as we know, it is unparalleled in the universe.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
We will go on as far as my sitting-room.
"The Slave of Silence" by Fred M. White
As far as I am concerned, I do not flinch yet.
"The Peace Negotiations" by J. D. Kestell
The Bedford party, as a party, had, as far as we can discover, no principle whatever.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
The tone of their newspapers, as far as I have seen them, has often been fierce, bitter, and abusive.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
And he's never been heard of since, as far as I know.
"Somehow Good" by William de Morgan
I have ventured as far as I dared to question the people about here.
"The Cryptogram" by James De Mille
I have now gone through the whole of the subject, at least, as far as it appears to me at present.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine

In poetry:

Walked by the sea,
unchanged in memory -
evening, as clouds
on the far-off rim
"Myself" by Robert Creeley
As seers see a star
Beyond the brow of night,
So poets scan the far
Prophetic when they write.
""To-Morrows"" by Abram Joseph Ryan
She has twa weel-made feet;
Far better is her hand;
She's as jimp in the middle
As ony willow wand.
"The Laird Of Waristoun" by Andrew Lang
In far reverberations, echoing
In climaxes along,
Till, as with one broad, universal wing
The strong
"God Wrapt Him" by Alexander Anderson
As I told you. And 'twas thus--
"By the blue Trinacrian sea,
Far in pastoral Sicily
With Theocritus"--
"One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part II" by Madison Julius Cawein
The words they speak to me
Far off and distant seem,
As voices we have known and loved
Speak in a dream.
"Midnight" by Harriet Beecher Stowe

In news:

As far as the eye can see: nothing but mutton.
I am a St Louis native and as far as I'm concerned there is no better city.
As far as I can tell, the Byrds' recording of "Mr. Tambourine Man" was the first time anyone put really good poetry on the radio The Beatles hadn't gotten to "Eleanor Rigby" or "A Day in the Life" — they were still writing "Ooh, baby".
Berry Tramel of the Daily Oklahoman is as good as it gets as far as a newspaper columnist goes.
Ranchland as far as the eye can see along miles and miles of dirt road.
News of the fire (now 70% contained) has spread as far as South Africa, China and Japan.
Nothing too fancy as far as graphics and presentation go.
Tulips spread for almost as far as the eye can see at the Woodland Tulip Festival in 2008.
When it comes to going the extra mile for the US military, few go as far as Toby Keith.
You landed the interview, and as far as you're concerned.
As far as historic, back-in-the-day music venues go, the Royal and Howard theaters top the list in this region.
It won't say so in the record book, but as far as Bobby Witt's concerned, he pitched a no-hitter and a perfect game.
"Art, as far as it is able, follows nature, as a pupil imitates his master " —Dante Alighieri.
"Art, as far as it is able, follows nature, as a pupil imitates his master "—Dante Alighieri.
As far as things-that-go-bump-in-the-night movies go, "Sinister" is pretty good.

In science:

Neutrinos can travel unaffected through iron as far as light can travel in a hundred years through empty space.
How the sun shines
This is the atom-optical analog of the semicircular broadening of the DOS in disordered electronic systems, which as far as we know has not yet been observed unambiguously.
Random Scattering by Atomic Density Fluctuations in Optical Lattices
As far as only the probability of return and the pitch angle distribution at the shock front are to be considered, these scales are not relevant at all.
Application of random walk theory to the first order Fermi acceleration in shock waves
Accretors, as far as for GCs number of massive stars can be lower (initially) than it follows from the Salpeter mass function, and evolution of NSs can proceeds with an average ISM density lower than the value n = 100 cm−3 which we used in our calculations: all these factors decrease the number of Accretors.
Evolution of isolated neutron stars in globular clusters: number of Accretors
But as far as luminosities of dim GC sources are higher than luminosities of the disk accreting sources (the ISM density is higher), they should be also slightly warmer.
Evolution of isolated neutron stars in globular clusters: number of Accretors
Hence, we considered that the result is acceptable as far as the latter is correct.
Generating a 3D Simulation of a Car Accident from a Written Description in Natural Language: the CarSim System
As far as we know, this possibility has not been found in the previous studies on the random systems.
Random-Mass Dirac Fermions in an Imaginary Vector Potential (II): Long-Range Correlated Random Mass
As far as I can see this relates to the ZFC provability of partial squares on ω2 and therefore should be quite hard.
Duality Chipped
As far as both FPs I and VI are strongly unstable with respect to v , FP III is not accessible for arbitrary positive v either.
Phase Transition in the Random Anisotropy Model
As far as I know such partition functions were considered only as formal algebraic ob jects.
Gibbs and Quantum Discrete Spaces
His aim was to get a theory free from singularity while retaining the main merits of general relativity as far as possible.
Vacuum Non Singular Black Hole Solutions in Tetrad Theory of Gravitation
As a result, the interchain interaction and the short range correlation within the neighbouring chains support the ↑↑↓↓-type long range order as far as p is small.
Random Magnetism in $S=1/2$ Heisenberg Chains with Bond Alternation and Randomness on the Strong Bonds
As far as we are aware, these models represent the only exact analytic demonstration of the cosmic no-hair conjecture under the presence of gravitational waves.
Radiative spacetimes
Then we focus on QI in the PMP sense, which has not been done in the past as far as we know.
Quantum Irreversibility of Energy Spreading
The standard generalizations replace the weight xs with the radial variable or the boundary defining function of a smooth domain, are reduced to the one-dimensional case and are proved directly by partial integration, as far as the weight stays smooth.
On certain generalized Hardy's inequalities and applications