• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Archi- A prefix signifying chief arch; as, architect, archiepiscopal. In Biol and Anat it usually means primitive original ancestral; as, archipterygium, the primitive fin or wing.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n archi- A prefix of Greek origin, the original form of arch-, first, chief. See arch-.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., archi-, Gr. 'archi-, a prefix which is from the same root as 'a`rchein to be first, to begin; 'archh the first place, beginning; 'archo`s chief. Cf. AS. arce-, erce-, OHG. erzi-, G. erz-,


In literature:

Archie was certainly conducting himself manfully.
"'Lizbeth of the Dale" by Marian Keith
If you laid it before them, they'd do something; and J. P. and I'll push it and Archie Blair will help.
"The End of the Rainbow" by Marian Keith
Archie, Archie, where are you?
"Our Home in the Silver West" by Gordon Stables
Look, Archie; see, dear dad; I have the lucky raisin!
"The Children's Book of Christmas Stories" by Various
Mrs. Drummond always made some dry sarcastic remark when they came in, for she was secretly jealous of Archie's affection for Grace.
"Not Like Other Girls" by Rosa N. Carey
They call him Young Edison around here, and his right name is Archie Graham.
"Ralph on the Overland Express" by Allen Chapman
Roarin' Sandy's Archie assured all that a fight would be perfectly safe.
"The Silver Maple" by Marian Keith
Jimmie Archie McDonald's farm lay up the river, next to Andrew Johnstone's.
"Duncan Polite" by Marian Keith
Jump, Archie, jump, and I'll swing for it!
"The Boy Scouts Book of Stories" by Various
The morning beams struggled feebly in at the little window as Archie tore himself from his pillow, again to apply himself to his books.
"The Elm Tree Tales" by F. Irene Burge Smith
The next moment Archie came up the stairs with a message.
"Treasure Valley" by Marian Keith
Archy clapped his hands loudly and earnestly, as though he was at a regular show, and Gertie joined in.
"Harper's Young People, August 17, 1880" by Various
Archie bounded up the gangplank, crossed the deck in three leaps and stuck his head into the forecastle.
"Billy Topsail & Company" by Norman Duncan
Little Archie was, however, of a morose temperament, and did not share in any of the amusements.
"Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad" by Various
Archie Orr had just ridden off.
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
Now, is it possible that monarchy, plutarchy, or any other archy, can long withstand this curriculum of instruction?
"Christopher Columbus and His Monument Columbia" by Various
The attitude of the airmen toward the "Archies" is one of calm contempt.
"Aircraft and Submarines" by Willis J. Abbot
When he found that I would not obey him, he sent for Archie, and forbade him to see me again.
"The Children of the Top Floor" by Nina Rhoades
Jump, Archie, jump, and I'll swing for it!
"Library of the World's Best literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 12" by Various
Sir Archy seemed to enjoy the astonishment of his guest, and for some minutes made no effort to break silence.
"The O'Donoghue Tale Of Ireland Fifty Years Ago" by Charles James Lever

In poetry:

Luik to Archie and Peggy,
They married on naething ava;
And noo she's beggin' and greetin';
An' Archie, he's listed awa'.
"Lay" by Carolina Oliphant
But wat ye fu' weel it wasna the deil
That tuik lord Archie's pairt,
But his twin-brother John he thoucht deid an' gone,
Wi' luve like a lowe in his hert.
"The Twa Gordons" by George MacDonald
"Dune, lord Archibold?" craikit the voice;
"Dune, Belzie!" cried he again.—
The gray banes glimmert, the white saut shimmert—
Lord Archie was him lane.
"The Twa Gordons" by George MacDonald
"Auld Hornie," quo' Archie, "twa words to that:
My burnin hert burns on;
An' the sleep, weel I wat, was nae reek frae thy pat,
For aye I was dreamin o' John!
"The Twa Gordons" by George MacDonald
"To-morrow is Christmas!"--and clapping his hands,
Little Archie in joyful expectancy stands,
And watches the shadows, now short and now tall,
That momently dance up and down on the wall.
"Beechenbrook - V" by Margaret Junkin Preston
I pray you this my song to take
Not scornfully, for Boyhood's sake;
It is the last, until the day
When your kind eyes shall bid me say
Take, Archie, not of mine but me,
And be mine only Poetry.
"A Poem Without A Name II" by Digby Mackworth Dolben

In news:

He was born August 17, 1963, in Phoenix, AZ, a son of Shirley A (Wiley) McCourt of Bergholz and the late Archie R McCourt.
CRANFORD — Archie is a corgi and pit bull mix.
About 2 years old, Archie was rescued as a stray and is in the care of Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption, where volunteers say he is playful and has a gentle disposition.
He was born May 21, 1931, in Clarence, MO, the son of Archie Edward and Opal Laurine Edwards Lowery .
Julius Mays #34 of the Kentucky Wildcats carries Archie Goodwin #10 to the bench after was injured during the game against the Morehead State Eagles at Rupp Arena on November 21, 2012 in Lexington, Kentucky.
Carey Towe of North Augusta, S.C. And Archie and Julie Luther of Aiken, S.C.
Model Karolina Kurkova out for a stroll in Tribeca with husband Archie Drury and son Tobin.
Gay Archie Comics character Kevin Keller and his yet-to-be-revealed future husband have set a date — their wedding will take place in Life With Archie issue 16, on sale in January.
In the new issue of "Archie," No 635, Archie and Jughead are caught in the middle of the movement after they happen upon " Occupy Riverdale" at Perkins Park.
Archie Coleman, Nancy Crouse, Hawthorne Players' Fances.
Rosemary Rogers has her cholesterol checked by Setour Dillard as Archie Poindexter looks on.
West End catcher Isaiah Archie reaches high to snag a pitch behind American's Jasiah Stubbs during Saturday's Maryland District 1 11-12 Tournament game.
GOP turns into party of Archie Bunker.
Alex Segura, v-p publicity and marketing at Archie Comics, has been named executive director of publicity at DC Entertainment effective immediately.
Segura has directed publicity and marketing at Archie since 2010 and returns to DC Comics where he was a publicity manager.

In science:

In the present discussion, the principal idea from Theorem 2 that in finite rays in the Weil-Petersson metric have associated “in finite hier archies without annuli ” in the sense of Masur and Minsky [MM2] gives rise to a natural way to associate in finite geodesics in the curve complex of S or its subsurfaces.
Coarse and synthetic Weil-Petersson geometry: quasi-flats, geodesics, and relative hyperbolicity
As we know that the archy path of a kicked football is non-chaotic.
Effects of non-denumerable fixed points in finite dynamical systems
Following the initial 27 EPIC fields of view, each with a diameter of 30 arcmin, four additional exposures have been obtained, and at least three further fields will become available in the archi ve.
X-rays from young stars - a summary of highlights from the XMM-Newton Extended Survey of the Taurus Molecular Cloud (XEST)