• Parts of an Arch
    Parts of an Arch
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Archæan Ancient; pertaining to the earliest period in geological history.
    • n Archæan (Geol) The earliest period in geological period, extending up to the Lower Silurian. It includes an Azoic age, previous to the appearance of life, and an Eozoic age, including the earliest forms of life.☞ This is equivalent to the formerly accepted term Azoic, and to the Eozoic of Dawson.
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  • Indian Proverb
    Indian Proverb
    “An arch never sleeps.”
  • Henry Miller
    “Back of every creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith. Enthusiasm is nothing: it comes and goes. But if one believes, then miracles occur.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. 'archai^os ancient, fr. 'archh` beginning


In literature:

Moreover, it is surrounded by an arch of evergreens and flowers, of most tasteful form and beautiful colour.
"Gladys, the Reaper" by Anne Beale
They always have an arch for him.
"St. Nicholas, Vol. 5, No. 5, March, 1878" by Various
Each facade has a lofty Saracenic arch, in which is an entrance.
"Across India" by Oliver Optic
The road along which he was passing had on both sides of it a row of big cottonwoods, whose branches met in an arch above.
"A Daughter of the Dons" by William MacLeod Raine
Mr. Reynolds immediately paused, and regarded this group for some moments with an air of singular sagacity and archness.
"Bressant" by Julian Hawthorne
I first establish an arched hand position, and then test the firmness of the fingers and knuckle joints by tapping them.
"Piano Mastery" by Harriette Brower
He remembered her as a bright-eyed, merry little girl, who had an arch way of making all to mind her.
"A Friend of Caesar" by William Stearns Davis
Roy hurried past, lest she discover him; and, from the security of an arched alcove, scanned the more interesting half of the Hall.
"Far to Seek" by Maud Diver
Between the hay and the arch a hand flickered an instant, then vanished.
"Count Hannibal A Romance of the Court of France" by Stanley J. Weyman
The illustration facing page 188 is another example of an arch cut through the rocky barrier of the shore.
"Among the Forces" by Henry White Warren
It will be seen that both barrels are bent into an arched form.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 441, June 14, 1884." by Various
Down below a lighter full of charcoal struggled against the strong current beneath an arch of the Pont Notre-Dame.
"His Masterpiece" by Emile Zola
An' I took his hand an' pulled it through my arm, an' we walked down to Arch.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 74, December, 1863" by Various
The roots of an upturned tree arched over the hole, making a broad doorway.
"Wilderness Ways" by William J Long
We could see nothing but an arched door in a high, curving wall, and a stream of people trickling in.
"A Voyage of Consolation" by Sara Jeannette Duncan
Now and then an arch from which hangs a queer lantern, burning dimly.
"Miss Caprice" by St. George Rathborne
He had been well educated, and in Arch he had an apt scholar.
"The Fatal Glove" by Clara Augusta Jones Trask
On approaching, they observed an old woman sitting on a large stone that lay a little beyond the arch.
"Valentine M'Clutchy, The Irish Agent The Works of William Carleton, Volume Two" by William Carleton
Draw an imaginary straight line from the boss in the soffit of the arch through the middle of the Janus-head of Prudence.
"Artist and Public" by Kenyon Cox
She took the people who were forgetting how to make an arch and she taught them to invent the Gothic arch.
"Orthodoxy" by G. K. Chesterton

In poetry:

Soft cloud, that while the breeze of May
Chants her glad matins in the leafy arch,
Draw'st thy bright veil across the heavenly way
Meet pavement for an angel's glorious march:
"Ascension Day" by John Keble
And let some graceful arch be there
With wreathed mullions proud,
With burnished ivy for its screen,
And moss, that glows as fresh and green
As thought beneath an April cloud. -
"Burial" by John Keble
But look, thou dreamer!—wave and shore
In shadow lie;
The night-wind warns me back once more
To where, my native hill-tops o’er,
Bends like an arch of fire the glowing sunset sky.
"Hampton Beach" by John Greenleaf Whittier
She sought the Studios, beckoning to her side
An arch-designer, for she planned to build.
He was of wise contrivance, deeply skilled
In every intervolve of high and wide—
Well fit to be her guide.
"Heiress And Architect" by Thomas Hardy
Tis most lovely to see the trees arched overhead,
And the little rivulet rolling o'er its pebbly bed,
Ane near by is an old Meal Mill;
Likewise an old Church and Churchyard where the dead lie still.
"The Den o' Fowlis" by William Topaz McGonagall
Then there's a beautiful spot near an old mill,
Suitable for an artist to paint of great skill,
And the trees are arched o'erhead, lovely to be seen,
Which screens ye from the sunshine's glittering sheen.
"Beautiful Newport on the Braes o' the Silvery Tay" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

New from QuadBoss is the Wide Boy, an arched folding ramp designed for walk-up loading.
Nate Carlisle The Salt Lake Tribune Jewel Tibbetts Arch , near Moab, can be seen from an overlook.
Novelist Ayn Rand , heartless arch-villain to some, triumphant free-market oracle to others, is under an even larger national spotlight because of her role as economic muse to Ryan.
An arch made with 2,000 empty plastic water bottles in the student center at the University of Vermont was dedicated Wednesday as a monument to the school's decision to end the sale of bottled water on the Burlington campus.
Feisty rapper Foxy Brown pleaded not guilty Thursday to violating an order of protection when cops say she cursed out and then exposed herself to a neighbor, an arch-rival.
Come Up With An Identifiable Mark For Your Brand: McDonald's has its golden arches and Target has its bull's eye.
New from QuadBoss is the Wide Boy, an arched folding ramp designed for walk-up loading .
The 1972 home of Leslie Clark and Jeff Wruck has an arch theme throughout the home, including the living room windows.
With its arched doorways, columns and murals, this hotel restaurant is an opulent refuge.
It's an easy, symmetrical pattern, but the key is to arch your pinky so the last two notes in each phrase ring together.
Why Are Rainbows Shaped Like an Arch.
With soaring cliffs and majestic arches, Red River Gorge is an awe-inspiring place to visit.
An air ambulance prepares to land Sunday afternoon to pick up an injured swimmer on a crowded Three Arch Bay beach.
The Southern Michigan Timberwolves again came up short in their "Battle of I-75," falling to their arch-rivals 21-16 Saturday night in an ugly semipro football game at Navarre Field.
Inside, high arching wooden beams and skylights bring an airiness to the restaurant.

In science:

For example, it is possible to estimate the residuals of an ARCH (Xt = Ztσt ), possible but difficult with a GARCH and usually impossible for many models of the type Xt = g(Xt−1 , εt ).
The quantile spectral density and comparison based tests for nonlinear time series
This backs the claims in Tsay (2005) that the ARCH(1) may be an appropriate model for the the Intel data.
The quantile spectral density and comparison based tests for nonlinear time series
This work is an extension in Arch models of the theorem of S.Y.
Local asymptotically optimal test in ARCH model
Empirical process of the squared residuals of an ARCH sequence.
Testing for a change of the innovation distribution in nonparametric autoregression - the sequential empirical process approach
In fact, we may be seeing two snapshots in an otherwise identical evolutionary sequence, i.e., it is possible that the Quintuplet and Arches clusters are similar in their initial properties while the former is currently more extended due to its older age and the effects of dynamical evolution.
The Initial Mass Function in the Galactic Center
The shafts, separated by about 1000 m, are connected at their bases by major drift, 13-15 ft wide and arching to 12 ft, equipped with an electric trolley line.
Reference Design Project Book: NUSEL-Homestake
Greiner, An asymptotic expansion for the heat equation, Arch.
On Recovering the Shape of a Domain from the Trace of the Heat Kernel
Saxl, An explicit model for the complex representations of the finite general linear groups, Arch.
Values of characters sums for finite unitary groups
For an excellent survey about results and applications of ARCH models, we refer the reader to Giraitis et al. .
Asymptotic normality of the Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimator for multidimensional causal processes
Veldkamp, “The ubiquity of CoxeterDynkin diagrams (an introduction to the A-D-E problem),” Nieuw Arch.
The numbers game and Dynkin diagram classification results
Yassemi, Attached primes of the top local cohomology modules with respect to an ideal, Arch.
On the vanishing, artinianness and finiteness of local cohomology modules
Kl¨uppelberg, C. and Pergamenshchikov, S. M. (2004) The tail of the stationary distribution of a random coefficient AR(q) process with applications to an ARCH(q) process.
Geometric ergodicity for families of homogeneous Markov chains
To obtain the involution from the rook placement, we label the steps in the southeast border of the Young diagram, and draw some arches as follows: for each rook lying in column i and row j , we draw an arch joining i and j .
The Matrix Ansatz, Orthogonal Polynomials, and Permutations
The set partition is obtained from the rook placement as follows: we label the inner corner of the Young diagrams with integers, and for any rook at the intersection of a column with label i and a row with label j we draw an arch from i to j .
The Matrix Ansatz, Orthogonal Polynomials, and Permutations
Caginalp, An analysis of a phase field model of a free boundary, Arch.
Global solution to the Allen-Cahn equation with singular potentials and dynamic boundary conditions