Andrei Sakharov


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Andrei Sakharov Soviet physicist and dissident; helped develop the first Russian hydrogen bomb; advocated nuclear disarmament and campaigned for human rights (1921-1989)
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In news:

Russian rights activist and widow of Andrei Sakharov was 88.
People & Events Andrei Sakharov , (1921 - 1989).
Andrei Sakharov is often called the "father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb," but most people know him as one of the twentieth century's most ardent and unrelenting champions of human rights and freedoms.
Gorbachev, the most powerful symbol of authority in the Soviet Union, met in the Kremlin today with Andrei D Sakharov , the Nobel laureate once made an outcast here for defending the rights of the individual.
Lech Walesa and Andrei D Sakharov, two Nobel Peace Prize laureates from Communist Europe, arrived here today to join in commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man.
There would be a Hall of Infamy with a piece of the Berlin wall, a re-creation of the gulag and a Hall of Heroes with statues of anti-Communists like Ronald Reagan and Andrei D Sakharov.

In science:

Then, gravity must be a quantum effect, similarly to the case of the induced gravity of Andrei Sakharov [13, 14].
Physics as quantum information processing
For interaction with the photons, the protons are of course of primary importance, and we recall that Andrei Sakharov pointed at the proton’s long half-life, presently standing observationally at 1035 years, while he had derived that it might be 1050 or longer.
The physics and identity of dark matter
The Sakharov-Zeldovich 1966 Quark model (SZ66) Andrei Sakharov, a pioneer in quark-hadron physics asked in 1966 “Why are the Λ and Σ masses different? They are made of the same quarks”.
Theoretical Summary of the HADRON99 conference