• WordNet 3.6
    • n ana a collection of anecdotes about a person or place
    • n Ana mother of the ancient Irish gods; sometimes identified with Danu
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv Ana ā"nȧ (Med) Of each; an equal quantity; as, wine and honey, anaor, contracted, aa), ij., that is, of wine and honey, each, two ounces. "An apothecary with a . . . long bill of anas ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • ana A general term for books recording miscellaneous sayings, anecdotes, and gossip about a particular person or subject; the sayings and anecdotes themselves. See -ana.
    • ana A word used in medical prescriptions in a distributive sense, as in Greek, to indicate an equal quantity of each: often written āā, earlier and more correctly āa, where the mark above the first a, according to general medieval practice, represented the omission of n. See tilde.
    • n ana See anna.
    • n ana A prefix of Greek origin, meaning up, upon, along, throughout, back, again, etc., as in anabasis.
    • n ana A suffix of Latin origin, in modern use with a euphonic variant, -i-ana, to form collective plurals, as Scaligerana, Johnsoniana, etc., applied to a collection of sayings of Scaliger, of Johnson, etc., or of anecdotes or gossip concerning them; also sometimes appended to common nouns, as boxiana (annals of pugilism); more recently extended to all the literature of a subject, as Americana, Shaksperiana, etc. Hence sometimes used as an independent word, ana. See ana.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Ana ā′na a suffix to names of persons or places, denoting a collection of memorable sayings, items of gossip, or miscellaneous facts, as Johnsoniana, Tunbrigiana, &c.: applied also to the literature of some special subject, as Boxiana, Burnsiana, Shakespeariana
    • Ana specially a collection of the table-talk of some one
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. 'ana`used distributively)


In literature:

At daylight the Americans made a general advance towards Paco and Santa Ana.
"The Philippine Islands" by John Foreman
And "Tag" never failed with its "Ana mana mona mike.
"A Little Girl in Old New York" by Amanda Millie Douglas
Ana, Ana, you don't know what living is.
"Revolution" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
He marched them up to that part of the fort where stood Santa Ana and his murderous crew.
"Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 8" by Charles H. Sylvester
It was nigh upon sunset when we descended to Ana-Capri.
"New Italian sketches" by John Addington Symonds
At first the A'ana people were victorious, and the haughty Manonoans were driven off into their fleets of war canoes time and time again.
"The Call Of The South" by Louis Becke
With the help of Friar Mathieu and Ana the Bulgarian, she had learned to understand and speak his language fairly well.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
Santa Ana, First, 8.50.
"The American Missionary -- Volume 54, No. 4, October, 1900" by Various
Don Fernando and Dona Ana and the Senorita were well?
"Rosinante to the Road Again" by John Dos Passos
Sometimes between the cacti they could see on the horizon the blue mountains of Santa Ana.
"Sielanka: An Idyll" by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Service being over, the funeral will proceed to the cemetery at St. Ana's.
"The Pearl of the Antilles, or An Artist in Cuba" by Walter Goodman
Palazzo di Donna Ana, 239.
"Italy, the Magic Land" by Lilian Whiting
For nearly two weeks General Santa Ana had been tightening the cordon of cavalry, infantry, and artillery about the place.
"When the West Was Young" by Frederick R. Bechdolt
A branch railway takes us from Puebla to Santa Ana, from whence ancient Tlaxcala is reached by tramway.
"Aztec Land" by Maturin M. Ballou
Ana the sky, is the god of Erech on the lower Euphrates.
"History of Religion" by Allan Menzies
MARTIN (Glen L.) Santa Ana, California, U.S.A.
"Jane's All the World's Aircraft" by Various
A Bagobo, named Anas, who was converted, gave me the bongat, with which he had frightened many people when a heathen.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898" by Various
The only riverain towns of any importance on this stretch of the river to-day are Samsat, Birejik, Deir, 'Ana and Hit.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 8" by Various
Below Tabassish Ana mai.
"Voyages from Montreal Through the Continent of North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in 1789 and 1793" by Alexander Mackenzie
They held Santa Ana and the church, the time-respected custom with revolutions.
"Plain Mary Smith" by Henry Wallace Phillips

In poetry:

What of our duck? He has some high-bred cousins,—
His Grace the Canvas-back, My Lord the Brant,—
Anas and Anser,— both served up by dozens,
At Boston's Rocher, half-way to Nahant.
"My Aviary" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

The 2010 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, presented by Ogilvy & Mather , started on Sunday, November 7, at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL.
Canoe, ANA announce first CEE MEE project participants.
After launching its Make Friends with Your Hair campaign, Dove has tapped telenovela actress Ana Brenda Contreras to extend the campaign to Latina women.
Sen Dianne Feinstein sits down with the Orange County Register Editorial Board at The Register's Santa Ana headquarters Wednesday.
Dona Ana County Sheriff's are looking for a man who exposed himself to a student near an elementary school.
Deputies in Dona Ana County are looking for a Mesquite woman after her year-old son tested positive for cocaine.
SFR can sympathize with state representative-elect Phillip Archuleta, D, Doña Ana.
The Dona Ana County Clerk wants voters to know that early voting continues until Saturday, Nov 3.
APPEALING TO THE BANANA REPUBLIC In the Santa Ana City Council's last election cycle, voters made history by making the county seat the largest city in the United States with an all-Latino council.
Ana Egge's Mournful , Gorgeous 'Hole in Your Halo'.
Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based singer Ana Egge was inspired to write the songs on her latest album B ad Blood while dealing with family members struggling with mental illness.
From left to right, ABC7's David Ono, Santa Ana Police Cpl.
From left to right, ABC7 Eyewitness News Producer Lisa Bartley, Santa Ana Police Cpl.
Broadway singer Ana Maria Andricain headlines a Latin-themed concert on Aug 18 to open Birmingham Music Club 's 2012-13 season.
The number below poverty level in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metroplitan area.

In science:

Sj (e)| is at most 2nv(H ) e−Ana for some a, and hence the probability that Ps∈Sj (e) Qi∈L χi (si ) ≥ 3 for some positive constants A and a.
Combinatorial theorems in sparse random sets
Recently, similar results were obtained in for the sample covariance case where Mn = AnA∗N and An is an n × N random matrix with independent entries under analogous moment and Lindeberg type conditions on the entries of An .
Fluctuations of Matrix Entries of Analytic Functions of Non-Hermitian Random Matrices
The normalization constraint Tr[AnA∗ n ] = 1 implies that one must have |m| 6 1, with equality if and only if An is equal, up to a phase, to the identity matrix Itnk /√tnk.
Towards a state minimizing the output entropy of a tensor product of random quantum channels
Kabashima, “Statistical Mechanical Ana lysis of Compressed Sensing Utilizing Correlated Compression Matrix,” Proc. 2010 IEEE Int.
A study of the universal threshold in the L1 recovery by statistical mechanics
The Arecibo observatory is operated by SRI International under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation (AST-1100968) and in alliance with Ana G.
Four Highly Dispersed Millisecond Pulsars Discovered in the Arecibo PALFA Galactic Plane Survey
It is not difficult to see that the language a∗ (a + a) is not even path-profile testable, since a path-profile testable language will confuse an (a + ana) with anan (a + a) for certain large values of n (more precisely for n = ω , the notion of ω will be defined below).
Wreath Products of Forest Algebras, with Applications to Tree Logics
Indeed, if i = j then AnA∗Lj ⊆ Lj and if i < j then A≥nLj ⊆ LiLj .
A Trichotomy for Regular Simple Path Queries on Graphs
The field of timelike, future-pointing, normalized vectors na τ (x) ∝ ∂ aστ (x), satisfying the continuity equation ∂ana τ (x) = 0, defines the field of “proper time” directions.
Elements of nonlinear quantum mechanics (Part II): Triple bracket generalization of quantum mechanics
The analytical solution of this PDE is Θana(x, t) = sin(4π(t−x))2 and will be used to compute the numerical error.
Spectral methods in general relativistic astrophysics
A prominent example for an early shallow generation system is Ana [Kukich, 1983], which reports about stock market developments.
A Flexible Shallow Approach to Text Generation
Since Eq.(16) implies that the apparent horizon must be a non-timelike hypersurface, i.e. that N aNa ≥ 0 always, we can show quite easily that the AT must always decrease.
Apparent Horizons in Vacuum Robinson-Trautman Spacetimes
Acknowledgments: We thank Ana Proykova for suggesting the 3d simulation.
Election results and the Sznajd model on Barabasi network
R-matrix method are within 0.56% of the analytical results (ANA); however, one should note that the agreement is improved as E increases.
Application of the variational $R$-matrix method to one-dimensional quantum tunneling
Ana Firan and Ryszard Stroynowski Department of Physics, Southern Methodist University, Dal las, Texas 75275-0175, U.S.A.
Internal conversions in Higgs decays to two photons
Let, for each n, An , Gn be independent n by pn random matrices such that the empirical spectral law of AnA∗n converges almost surely weakly, as n tends to infinity, to a compactly supported probability measure µA and such that the entries of Gn are independent N (0, 1 ) random variables.
On a surprising relation between rectangular and square free convolutions