• Repeated pattern, alternately reversed, forming a linear design
    Repeated pattern, alternately reversed, forming a linear design
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Altern Acting by turns; alternate.
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Blue Dogwood. Alternate-leaved Dogwood Blue Dogwood. Alternate-leaved Dogwood
Alternate leaves Alternate leaves

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Honorificabilitudinitatibus is the longest English word that consists strictly of alternating consonants and vowels
    • altern Acting by turns; alternate.
    • altern In crystallography, exhibiting on two parts, an upper and a lower, faces which alternate among themselves, but which, when the two parts are compared, correspond with each other.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Probably the best known multiple meaning is the hebrew word "SHALOM" which means, alternately, "hello", "good-bye", and "peace"
    • adjs Altern (Milton) alternate, acting by turns
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  • Chinese Proverb
    Chinese Proverb
    “Of all the thirty-six alternatives, running away is best.”
  • Maya Angelou
    “Children's talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives.”
  • Edward Fredkin's Paradox
    Edward Fredkin's Paradox
    “The more equally attractive two alternatives seem, the harder it can be to choose between them -- no matter that, to the same degree, the choice can only matter less.”
  • Shall Sinha
    Shall Sinha
    “Every single moment of your life you must choose from a number of alternatives. What you choose determines where you will end up.”
  • Thornton Wilder
    “For what human ill does dawn not seem to be alternative?”
  • Francois Truffaut
    Francois Truffaut
    “When humor can be made to alternate with melancholy, one has a success, but when the same things are funny and melancholic at the same time, it's just wonderful.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. alternus, fr. alter, another: cf. F. alterne,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. alter, other.


In literature:

The Waldenses had no alternative but to submit to these, or deny their Saviour.
"Pilgrimage from the Alps to the Tiber" by James Aitken Wylie
It contains a neat church, appropriated to the alternate use of episcopalians and presbyterians.
"Travels in North America, From Modern Writers" by William Bingley
Add to the yolks alternately a pint of very rich sweet milk, and handfuls of sifted flour.
"Dishes & Beverages of the Old South" by Martha McCulloch Williams
An engine of this type is called double-acting, as the piston is pushed alternately backwards and forwards by the steam.
"How it Works" by Archibald Williams
The floundering of the great propellers seemed alternately to compress and expand the damp atmosphere.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
Thus the stitches of each alternate row will correspond together.
"The Ladies' Work-Table Book" by Anonymous
This could be secured only by making them partly alternatives to the classical languages.
"College Teaching" by Paul Klapper
There was, then, no alternative but to fight.
"Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman" by J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd
Thayer's answer inclined her to the latter alternative.
"The Dominant Strain" by Anna Chapin Ray
The circumstance which prepared the way for it was the employment of two choirs singing alternately the same air.
"Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I" by Herbert Spencer
In the laws of ontogeny and heredity alternating ecphoria plays an important part.
"The Sexual Question" by August Forel
And the Duke of Altern rubbed his weak eyes and tried hard to think.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
Our haphazard sample of ten Scotch cases gives instances of nearly all these alternatives.
"New Worlds For Old" by Herbert George Wells
An alternating current in one will give rise to an alternating current in the other.
"Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son" by John Mills
While engaged in constructing Fort Warren we alternated in work with a regiment of colored troops.
"In The Ranks" by R. E. McBride
Every reflecting mind here should know that the only alternatives now are successful revolution or abject subjugation.
"A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital" by John Beauchamp Jones
There had been three alternatives, London, Bath, or another house in the country.
"The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of Jane Austen" by Jane Austen
Alternate layers with a small sifting of flour until all are in pan.
"Stevenson Memorial Cook Book" by Various
Christmas Eve, 1903, found me here alone, seated at my desk, alternately reading, musing and writing.
"Solaris Farm" by Milan C. Edson
These vivid alternations seemed characteristic of his whole Egyptian winter.
"The Wave" by Algernon Blackwood

In poetry:

How pale Want alternated
With Plenty's golden smile;
Behold, is it not written
In the annals of the isle?
"The Exiles. 1660" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Alternately to rise and fall,
Or float along the day--
And this is Fortune--This is all
I would vouchsafe to say!
"Vignette - I" by Matilda Betham
A play- we each have a part
Each one to weep or laugh as may;
Each one his dress to don-
Alternate shine or rain.
"Thou Blessed Dream" by Swami Vivekananda
But where's the idol-hermit thrust?
Her knees like flail-joints go!
Alternate kiss, her mother must,
Now that, now this big toe!
"Little Elfie" by George MacDonald
OH haste while roses bloom below,
Oh haste while pale and bright above
The sun and moon alternate glow,
To pluck the rose of love.
"Song I" by Mathilde Blind
Alas! how weather-like is life;
Eternal sunshine is unknown.
Our joys and sorrows room with strife,
And we alternate, laugh and mourn.
"Valedictory On Leaving San Francisco, California." by James Madison Bell

In news:

Through time immemorial and conference after conference, I and others like me have been seeking an alternative to the annoying, inefficient, and tree-killing business card .
Letter to Editor by Chance -Revels on "Nursing as a Context for Alternative/Complementary Modalities".
Despite the high price of gas nowadays, some drivers are choosing an alternative that's even more expensive.
(AP) – Brian Harman, the first alternate, made his debut in The Players Championship and shot 73.
But food safety specialists and growers say it's less frightening than the alternative: a return to harsher pesticides.
That was before drivers had a wide array of alternatives to commercial-clogged AM and FM bands.
A new bylaw before Surrey city council would require all new gas stations to include alternative fuel sources such as a level-three electric vehicle charging station, compressed natural gas, hydrogen or propane.
For children too sophisticated for Beanie babies, here come Toyz from Venuz, limited-edition dolls that prove you are never too young to have alternative tastes and a desire to collect.
If you want to get away from the logos and ubiquity of status handbags, here are four noteworthy alternatives.
No longer just the 'cheap alternative,' retailer brands are signaling quality.
The Irvine Fine Arts Center has been on a roll lately, showing some of the most interesting and alternative work in OC.
The Caddy Cablecat CAT-CM cable support system is an alternative to a cable tray in low-voltage and power cable applications.
Life's been good lately for the talented alternative pop rock trio Saving Cadence , thanks to a fresh-sounding debut album and an opening act date with Jimmy Cliff.
The Vermont Department of Public Safety has provided the following list of alternative, - 6:43 pm.
District to test calamity -day alternative.

In science:

It turns each alternative pattern into several rows having one alternative each.
From Syntactic Theories to Interpreters: A Specification Language and Its Compilation
Each irreducible equivalence class can be represented by an arbitrary member of the class and alternate representatives may be chosen if in each instance a compensating unit factor is introduced as well; moreover, no matter how many alternate choices are made, the resulting product of units is itself a unit.
Factorization of integers and arithmetic functions
Frustrated random chains with bond alternation are investigated in section 3.1 and frustrated chains with bond alternation and random sign strong bonds are studied in section 3.2 using the DMRG method.
Magnetization Plateaux in Random Frustrated S=1/2 Heisenberg Chains
Three of them describe statistics on Dyck and alternating Motzkin paths: the average norm of the rise-by-altitude and vertex-by-altitude vectors for Dyck paths, and the weighted average square norms of the rise-by-altitude and level-by-altitude vectors for alternating Motzkin paths.
Path counting and random matrix theory
The Narayana numbers Nk,r count alternating Motzkin paths of length 2k with r rises; we recall the definition of Motzkin paths and define alternating Motzkin paths below.
Path counting and random matrix theory
The alternating group of degree 6 is located at the junction of three series of simple non-commutative groups : simple sporadic groups, alternating groups and simple groups of Lie type.
The Alternating Group of degree 6 in Geometry of the Leech Lattice and K3 Surfaces
For t ∈ (0, 1) each µ◦t n can be written as a polynomial with leading term tµn , subsequent terms alternating in sign, because the terms of C t n has alternating signs, and decreasing in modulus.
Measure convolution semigroups and non-infinitely divisible probability distributions
In order to alternate two different GCO, one only needs to alternate two different pulse durations.
Aperiodic Quantum Random Walks
Thus our confidence that our experience is described by a fair coin depends entirely on the set of alternative models that we think is appropriate to the situation. A plausible set of alternatives to the fair coin is that each σn responds independently to a bias, but this bias may change over time.
Should you believe that this coin is fair?
But then it follows that a union of P and e contains an odd alternating cycle with an alternating path connecting it to v , where the edge of the path containing v is red.
Colouring complete bipartite graphs from random lists
The same argument, with red and blue interchanged, shows that G should contain an alternating cycle connected to v by an alternating path whose last edge is blue.
Colouring complete bipartite graphs from random lists
It can be shown that a slight change in their proof, in particular drawing red/blue edges alternatingly, results in an alternating cycle also of linear size.
Colouring complete bipartite graphs from random lists
The hallmark of the stabilization is the coherence - all the individuals vote for same alternative, i.e. alternative “chosen” by the effect of the emblematic “hot case”. Thus, the society supports that decision-making strategy whose top priority is situated at best to the current emblematic event(s).
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
On the other hand, in the latter compound, the horizontal stripe pattern results in an alternation of bonds along the charge rich sites, p2 and p3 in Fig. 12 (the thick solid and long dashed bonds in Fig. 16(b)), therefore spin singlet formation due to alternating Jp2 and Jp3 can be expected.
Theoretical Aspects of Charge Ordering in Molecular Conductors
Since (min(x, y ))∗ = max(x∗ , y ∗) for x, y ∈ E, the function x 7→ f (x∗ ) is max-completely alternating on E if and only if x 7→ f (x) is min-completely alternating.
Convex geometry of max-stable distributions