• WordNet 3.6
    • v Agenize age or bleach flour with Agene (nitrogen trichloride)
    • ***


In literature:

Here's yer pay; an' now, missis, start yerself, an' don't yer come nigh here agen 'thout yer'll behave decent an' be one on us.
"Continental Monthly , Vol. 6, No. 1, July, 1864" by Various
If ever he teases you I'll mut'ny, and never help him to rig a boat agen.
"The Little Skipper" by George Manville Fenn
He'd ring his bell, and if she din't go di-reckly, he'd ring and ring agen, fit to bring the house down.
"Two Suffolk Friends" by Francis Hindes Groome
There, I'll never run away agen.
"Syd Belton" by George Manville Fenn
That wouldn't be agen' the law of nations, would it, Mr Terence?
"Paddy Finn" by W. H. G. Kingston
Seein' how she got on is what makes me agen old men marryin' young girls.
"Some Everyday Folk and Dawn" by Miles Franklin
I asked because I meant to give out a bit of a warning agen the danger of delay.
"Aunt Rachel" by David Christie Murray
I'd rouse the town agen 'em.
"In Direst Peril" by David Christie Murray
If I could get better, please God, I never would put off the scrubbin' out o' the cupboards agen.
"The Carved Cupboard" by Amy Le Feuvre
I warnt to see him agen.
"'Me and Nobbles'" by Amy Le Feuvre

In poetry:

An' in the evenèn, when the zun
Do sheen ageän the western brows
O' hills, where bubblèn brooks do run,
There she do zing bezide her cows.
"The Milk-Maid O’ The Farm" by William Barnes
Once free from sin, pollution shun,
Nor dog-like, to thy vomit run,
Or like to hogs, which tho' wash'd clean,
To their lov'd mire return agen.
"Godly Exhortations To A Child " by Rees Prichard
He look'd--he lov'd her--and what then?
She look'd, and she lov'd him agen.
Two distant flames keep a dull course;
United, act with double force.
"The Wager" by William Hutton
The length o’ days ageän do shrink
An’ flowers be thin in meäd, among
The eegrass a-sheenèn bright, along
Brook upon brook, an’ brink by brink.
"The Fall" by William Barnes
Not as they died, though never mortal men
Since Tubal Cain first forged his cruel blade
Fought as they fought, nor ever shall agen
Such Leader be obeyed!
"An Elegiac Ode" by James Barron Hope
They leade me in once more, and putting then
Mine own clothes on, they leade me out agen.
Whom devils flie, thus is he toss'd of men:
Was ever grief like mine?
"The Sacrifice" by George Herbert

In news:

Häagen-Dazs Snack Sized Vanilla Caramel Cone Review.
Ben Sales, Jewish Telegraphic Agen.

In science:

Agen is an open, dense and G -invariant subset of A.
On the Gribov Problem for Generalized Connections
Consequently we get as a by-product that π is trivial on the whole Agen ≡ A for abelian G.
On the Gribov Problem for Generalized Connections
Then we have: The stratum A=t is a principal fibre bundle iff t = tmax , i.e. A=t = Agen .
On the Gribov Problem for Generalized Connections
In Section 7 we will prove that Agen is not only a locally trivial, but even an almost globally trivial principal fibre bundle.
On the Gribov Problem for Generalized Connections
We know already that the structure group of the principal fibre bundle (Gk )gen equals Z \ G and that of the principal fibre bundle Agen equals BZ \ G .
On the Gribov Problem for Generalized Connections