• WordNet 3.6
    • n AI the introduction of semen into the oviduct or uterus by some means other than sexual intercourse
    • n ai a sloth that has three long claws on each forefoot and each hindfoot
    • n AI the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively "workers in AI hope to imitate or duplicate intelligence in computers and robots"
    • n AI an agency of the United States Army responsible for providing timely and relevant and accurate and synchronized intelligence to tactical and operational and strategic level commanders
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Ai (Zoöl) The three-toed sloth (Bradypus tridactylus) of South America. See Sloth.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ai A common English digraph, representing generally the sound of “long a” (ā), which becomes ã before r, as in ail (sounded like ale), vain (sounded like vane, vein), air (sounded like ere, heir), etc. As commonly pronounced, it is strictly a diphthong consisting of “long a” (ā), or e , followed by a vanish, i , which is, in words of Anglo-Saxon origin, historically identical with the consonant y. This digraph occurs in words — of Anglo-Saxon origin, as in ail, hail, nail, sail, fain, wain, fair, lair, etc., being also used, parallel with ae, in modern Scotch spelling for “long a” equivalent to E. “long o,” oa, o-e, as in aith, raid, ain, etc.,= English oath, road, rode, own, etc.; of French, and ultimate Latin origin, as in fail, faint, vain, grain, aim, fair, etc.; of Greek origin, being used sometimes as a direct transliteration of Greek ατ instead of the usual Latin transliteration ae or æ (see æ), as in aitiology, etc.; of various other origin, usually representing the diphthong äi or ī, as in German kaiser and Oriental and “native” words, especially proper names, as Aino, Cairo, etc. In the words of Anglo-Saxon and French origin ai varied with ay, which now prevails when final, usually changing back to ai when made medial by the addition of a suffix, as in clay, day, gay, affray, array, etc., daily, afraid, raiment, etc.; but in some such cases, especially before a suffix beginning with a vowel, ay remains unchanged, as in payment, betrayed, clayey, etc.
    • n ai The three-toed sloth, Bradypus tridactylus or torquatus: so called from having a feeble, plaintive cry somewhat resembling the sound represented by its name. See sloth and Bradypus.
    • n ai Same as ahyu.
    • n ai An abbreviation of Adjutant Inspector General.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Braz. , haï, from the animal's cry: cf. F. ,


In literature:

For instance aI., aII., aIII., aIIII.
"Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome" by Apicius
Il me l'a avoue, ensuite il a claque et depuis j'ai vu ton avocat.
"The Paliser case" by Edgar Saltus
Price (R.) on the diphthong ai, 581.
"Notes and Queries, Index of Volume 5, January-June, 1852" by Various
When Ai was taken, all its people were slaughtered, without any regard to age or sex.
"Arrows of Freethought" by George W. Foote
Three thousand of them, who went up against Ai, were routed, and thirty-six of them were slain.
"Bible Romances" by George W. Foote
Vous savez comment j'ai connu Fleeming Jenkin!
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume 9" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Ai, caballero, you are most kind.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
The T'ai lake, in the neighbourhood of Su-chow Fu, is also celebrated for its size and the beauty of its surroundings.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 2" by Various
In the summer of this year, in the company of Mr. Edkins, he visited the sacred city of Woo T'ai Shan, a famous place of Mongol pilgrimage.
"James Gilmour of Mongolia" by James Gilmour
J'ai une femme que j'aime beaucoup;' et il me fit l'eloge de sa femme.
"The Art of Needle-work, from the Earliest Ages, 3rd ed." by Elizabeth Stone
Jericho is taken, but at Ai defeat is experienced, on account of disobedience.
"Training the Teacher" by A. F. Schauffler
J'ai fait encore une maladie; et je puis dire que je l'ai royalement bien faite.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 24 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
This was an ai, or three-toed sloth.
"Wanderings in South America" by Charles Waterton
J'ai connu, jeune encor, de severes souffrances; J'ai vu verdir les bois et j'ai tente d'aimer.
"The Galaxy, June 1877" by Various
J'ai ete frappe de l'originalite puissante de la pensee de l'auteur.
"The Battle of Blenheim" by Hilaire Belloc
Further I. E. ai, oi are preserved in Irish as ai (ae), oi (oe), Mod.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 5" by Various
Oh quels mauvais conseils j'ai suivis!
"Zigzag Journeys in Europe" by Hezekiah Butterworth
Those who have already attained the degree of hsiu-ts'ai, are examined by themselves for promotion.
"Village Life in China" by Arthur H. Smith
The one hundred and twenty-nine dens of T'ai Yuan-fu were all closed before I arrived there.
"Drugging a Nation" by Samuel Merwin
Ai, how dare he, Lebele, disapprove?
"Yiddish Tales" by Various

In poetry:

Fra le colonne--d'un bianco tempio
Sacro a Minerva,--la Dea propizia
Ai savi, austera Dea,
Pensieroso sedea
"Anacreonte" by Ferdinando Fontana
Ai me! why stood I on the bent
When Summer wept o'er dying June!
I saw the Fairy Folk ride faint
Aneath the moon.
"“The Fairy Rade”" by Madison Julius Cawein
Ai regni inesplorati, agli ideali
"Che tu cercando vai,
"A cui le menti, che han tarpate l'ali
"Non arrivano mai."
"Ditirambo" by Ferdinando Fontana
D'inconsapevoli--mali, di squallidi
Giorni d'angoscia--sento il presagio;
Ricordo i rantoli--dei moribondi,
Penso ai profondi
"Sera" by Ferdinando Fontana
Egli diceva:
"--Fu una notte funesta!
"So che mi son svegliato--con pesanti catene
"Ai polsi e alle caviglie.--Me ne ricordo bene!
"Mastro Spaghi" by Ferdinando Fontana
A baciar l'ampie--fronti dei saggi...
Ma, in fondo ai bigi--tempi, un fulgore
Brillava... ed erano--gli accesi raggi
Di Atene in fiore.
"Il Secolo Di Pericle" by Ferdinando Fontana

In news:

In this paper we describe various AI assignments and how online technologies have made these assignments more interactive.
China Now Investigating Nude Photos Of Outspoken Artist Ai Weiwei.
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (C) posing with women in the nude in Beijing.
The artist Ai Weiwei can't seem to catch a break with the Chinese government.
The answer to our original question is that AIS is neither a panacea nor a Pandora 's box.
Ai Weiwei's odd 'Gangnam Style' parody .
No matter how high his international stature rises, Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei never seems to take himself too seriously.
During her mentoring session on American Idol, Lady Gaga whipped out the above causing AI to censor her hard as rock heels.
Although Ai Weiwei's art is internationally recognized, much of his worldwide fame comes from his political activism in China.
Big Blue sees applications for a miniature version of its AI technology in healthcare, finance, and IT.
This is Westside story art collide jazz musical With break beats, Ai poems and chocolate Covered anything.
Ai-jen Poo is the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the co-director of Caring Across Generations.
Ai-Jen Poo appears in the following.
Ai-jen Poo leads a nationwide movement of nannies, housekeepers and care workers to gain long overdue workers' rights.
Daniel Anthony of local company Mana Ai hand-pounds taro for poi and pai ai.

In science:

Proposition 5.4 There exists a covering C = ∪n i=1Ci such that i) for each integer 1 ≤ i ≤ n, either Ci = C − (ai , bi ) for rational numbers ai < bi , or Ci = C + (ai , ai ) for a rational number ai ; ii) the cardinality of π0 (Yx ) is constant for x ∈ Ci (Ω).
Ramification of local fields with imperfect residue fields
By (P3), I must contain ˜Niai − ai ˜Ni + ai , whose only term of degree one is ai .
Number Operator Algebras
Ai}i∈N be a partition of X such that Ai is Lo -measurable and for every i such that Lo (Ai ) > 0 there exists limx→∞ F |Ai (x, x) =: αi .
Classification on the average of random walks
If Pi∈N F (x, x)χAi (x) is uniformly convergent with respect to x ∈ X (to F ), then Lo (F ) exists and is equal to P∞ i=1 Lo (Ai)αi (where αi can be any real number if Lo (Ai) = 0).
Classification on the average of random walks
Since Ai ∪{∞} with the induced topology from X is homeomorphic to the one point compactification of Ai (with the induced topology from X ), then it is possible to apply Theorem A.1 to F |Ai obtaining F |Ai ∈ D(Lo).
Classification on the average of random walks
By Proposition 4.2 we have that χAi F ∈ D(Ai ) and then Lo (Pn i=1 χAi F ) = Pn i=1 Lo (Ai )αi .
Classification on the average of random walks
This is possible since limm→+∞ λm (Ai ) = 1 for any i ∈ N and since (using Monotone Convergence Theorem) limn→+∞ λm (Ai ∩ Bn ) = λm (Ai ) > 1 − 1/i and the set {m : mi ≤ m < mi+1 } is finite.
Classification on the average of random walks
Clearly, flows (4) mutually commute for arbitrary ai ∈ R, hence flows (3) with constant coefficients ai (x, t) = ai also commute and form the integrable Burgers hierarchy (see, for example, ).
Conservation laws of generalized higher Burgers and linear evolution equations
G∗ ≡ G∞ = {α = (ai )∞ i=0 : s(ai+1 ) = r(ai ), i ∈ N} represents the set of infinite paths.
On the physical relevance of random walks: an example of random walks on a randomly oriented lattice
Bi + Ai = −Ci Bi+1 + Ai + D = γi Bi+1 + Ai + ˜D = −γi By subtracting the second equation from the third we get: ˜D − D = −2γi , thus as in the previous case all γi have to be equal (to some γ ).
Marginal Deformations of N=4 SYM and of its Supersymmetric Orbifold Descendants
Then, because ω = ωA,B = j (cid:16)ψ ! ((Biψ ⊲ Aiψ ) ◦ B )ω = (((B ⊲ A) ◦ B )iω )ω = (B ⊲ A) ◦ B , and consequently the map δ : A → (B ⊲ A) ◦ B : ai 7→ z j i ⊗ bj (with z j i = bj ⊗ ai ), defining the coevaluation of the proper coHom ob ject hom [B , A] = B ⊲ A, gives also a morphism δ : A → ((Biψ ⊲ Aiψ ) ◦ B )ω .
Generalized twisted coHom objects
Moreover, since the equality F hδ , Biψ ⊲ Aiψ i = Biψ ⊲ Aiψ , the pair hδ , Biψ ⊲ Aiψ i is in ΩA,B .
Generalized twisted coHom objects
In general, the state of the system, |ai, is a unit vector in the Hilbert space H , and can be written as |ai = (cid:229)s∈W as |si, where (cid:229)s∈W |as |2 = 1. |a∗ i denotes the conjugate and ha| denotes the conjugate transpose of |ai. hb|ai denotes the inner product of |ai and |bi.
Quantum Random Walks Hit Exponentially Faster
From vti to vti+1 a set Bi of superedges are first traversed toward the root, followed by a set Ci of superedges that are traversed away from the root (so that ℓ(η) = βi and Pη∈Ci Bi = Ai \ Ai+1 while Ci = Ai+1 \ Ai ).
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
P vi ⊗ si ∈ C3 ⊗ V such that C = B + Pi,j (ai ∧ vj ) ⊗ ρ(xj )si is ample. (C) If A ∈ C3 ⊗ S− is not ample and s ∈ S+ is not trivial, then there exists B = P ai ⊗ wi ∈ C3 ⊗ V such that C = A + P ai ⊗ ρ(wi )s is ample.
Hermitian Characteristics of Nilpotent Elements