• WordNet 3.6
    • adj .22-caliber of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures twenty-two hundredths of an inch in diameter "a .22 caliber pistol"
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In literature:

Caldwell sat like a graven image, the stock of his little 22 caliber high power Savage nestling against his cheek.
"Camps and Trails in China" by Roy Chapman Andrews and Yvette Borup Andrews
Mine is a Smith & Wesson, blued, six-inch barrel, shooting the .22 caliber long-rifle cartridge.
"Camp and Trail" by Stewart Edward White
Perhaps the quickest method is to shoot the skunk in the center of the back, with a 22 caliber rifle or pistol.
"Science of Trapping" by Elmer Harry Kreps
She was holding a small .22 caliber Walther PP, with a specially equipped silencer.
"Project Daedalus" by Thomas Hoover
A 22 caliber rifle is also useful for procuring bait.
"Wolf and Coyote Trapping" by A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding
The .22 caliber bullet entered below the right eye and lodged in the skull.
"An Experimental Translocation of the Eastern Timber Wolf" by Thomas F. Weise
It was approached close enough to be shot with a 22 caliber pistol loaded with dust-shot.
"Summer Birds From the Yucatan Peninsula" by Erwin E. Klaas
For many years there was no high grade .22 caliber revolver on the market.
"Pistol and Revolver Shooting" by A. L. A. Himmelwright

In news:

No gun writer is allowed to advocate for the .22 LR as a self defense caliber, right.
If you have any doubt that the .22 caliber rimfire is the number one firearm you should have watched a Guns & Ammo special a week ago.
The program claimed that one manufacturer, CCI, produced 4 million .22 rimfire cartridges per day, and CCI is just one of several manufacturers of .22 caliber ammunition.
Same .22-Caliber Pistol Was Used to Kill Three Merchants in Brooklyn, Police Say.
This Austrian-made Voere combination rifle/shotgun was originally produced with a standard 12-gauge barrel over a.22 Magnum rimfire barrel, but the caliber marking below the rifle barrel is no longer valid.
Six students were shot and wounded, one was trampled and injured after Randy Earl Matthews opened fire with.22-caliber pistol.
Emily Miller shooting a.22 caliber pistol.
WINSTON-SALEM — At 7 am April 16, Haylon Keith Anderson put on a bathrobe, grabbed a 12-guage shotgun and a.22-caliber rifle and went out to kill a turkey.
No gun writer is allowed to advocate for the.22 LR as a self defense caliber, right.
MLive file photo A photo of a.22-caliber handgun.
In 1991 a postal worker in Royal Oak, Michigan, killed four of his supervisors before shooting himself with a sawed-off.22-caliber carbine.
A passenger traveling through Portland International Airport late last month tried to carry a loaded.22 caliber pistol through security.
The Committee will raffle off a Mossberg Model 715T Tactical.22 Caliber Rifle at 4pm.
At a Tulsa gun show last March, investigators believe someone might have bought the Glock.40-caliber pistol, model 22, that was used to kill two Weleetka girls on June 8, 2008.
Austin Police officers are looking for seven guns and about 10,000 rounds of.22 caliber ammunition after a southwest Austin resident reported them stolen on Nov 10.