• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • -ish A suffix used to from adjectives from nouns and from adjectives. It denotes relation resemblance similarity, and sometimes has a diminutive force; as, selfish, boyish, brutish; whitish, somewhat white.
    • -ish A verb ending, originally appearing in certain verbs of French origin; as, abolish, cherish, finish, furnish, garnish, impoverish .
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • -ish To go out; issue.
    • n -ish Issue; liberty and opportunity of going out.
    • n -ish A termination of Anglo-Saxon origin, used as a regular formative of adjectives. of adjectives from common nouns, signifying ‘of the nature of,’ ‘being like’ the object denoted by the noun, as animals, as in apish, bearish, cattish, doggish, eelish, hoggish, mulish, owlish, piggish, snakish, brutish, etc.; or persons or supposed beings, as babyish, boyish, childish, girlish, devilish, duncish, foolish, foppish, ghoulish, impish, roguish, etc.; or places, as hellish; or acts or qualities, as snappish, etc. In most of these words it has acquired by association with the noun a more or less depreciative or contemptuous force; and so in some other words, as mannish, womanish, in which the noun has no depreciative sense.
    • n -ish A termination of some English verbs of French origin, or formed on the type of such verbs, having no assignable force, but being merely a terminal relic. It occurs in abolish, astonish, banish, demolish, diminish, establish, finish, minish, punish, stablish, etc. In some verbs it appears in another form -ise, as in advertise. See -ise.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. -issen, fr. F. -is, -iss-,found in the present particle, etc., of certain verbs, as finir, to finish, fleurir, to flourish), corresponding to L. -escere, an inchoative ending


In literature:

It's you who spoil it with being sentimental and one-love-one-life-ish.
"Moor Fires" by E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young
You too mush gentleman not to help a poor old man, ven he ish in distress.
"Japhet in Search of a Father" by Frederick Marryat
It was some kin of Ishes out here I know.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
Mishder repel, dot ish der gorporal fun my gumpany.
"How Private George W. Peck Put Down The Rebellion or, The Funny Experiences of a Raw Recruit - 1887" by George W. Peck
He is one pad poy, as you ish de wust Injin dot effer vasn't.
"Camp-fire and Wigwam" by Edward Sylvester Ellis
Dere ish de card hanging ofer your hedt vot tells vot vos der matter mit you.
"Doctor Jones' Picnic" by S. E. Chapman
Felicity's going to wear a sort of Watteau-ish dress, pink and white and blue, you know.
"The Twelfth Hour" by Ada Leverson
In 1815 he won the day at New Or-le-ans, and put the Brit-ish troops to flight with great loss of life.
"Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable" by Jean S. Remy
The case of Habib Ish-Shidiak at Kannubin is not yet forgotten.
"The Book of Khalid" by Ameen Rihani
Trade is an ogre-ish beast!
"Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. 93, September 3, 1887" by Various
Vhere ish dot barty now?
"The American Mind" by Bliss Perry
Ish no such a thing, my way.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume XXI" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Miss Pettibone is a-havin' faint-ish spells along back; complains o' pain in her side.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 94, August, 1865" by Various
The umbrella-ish thing about his head is his Conventional Mane.
"Just So Stories" by Rudyard Kipling
Second drink ish an antidote.
"Death Makes A Mistake" by P.F. Costello
So that all his beat-ing did me no harm, and mere-ly kept my cop-per bod-y well pol-ished.
"Ozma of Oz" by L. Frank Baum
Ish de lady to be de pupils?
"Rockhaven" by Charles Munn
It's too Aunt Jerry-ish.
"The Reclaimers" by Margaret Hill McCarter
That's my card, `D. Wragg, Nat'ralist, Dealer in Br'ish and Furren Birds, and setrer, 12 Brownjohn Street, Decadia.
"A Little World" by George Manville Fenn
I no tink, before, soltyer mean breek, but it ish no matter.
"Hans Brinker" by Mary Mapes Dodge

In poetry:

Fresh and strengthened for pursuing,
Scenting home within thy gleam--
Drink again the Don'ish horses,
Flowing boundary, of thy stream!
"To The Don" by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
CHORUS: Ach! Mein fraulein!
You ish so ferry unkind!
You coes mit Hans to Zhermany to live,
And leaves poor Schnapps pehind,
And leaves poor Schnapps pehind.
"Corporal Schnapps" by Henry Clay Work
Lo! carpet-bag and bagger occupy the land,
And prove the touring season actively begun;
His personnel and purpose can none misunderstand,
For each upon his frontlet bears his honest brand--
The fool-ish one!
"The Tourist" by Hattie Howard

In news:

New- ish Waialae Iki home.
Ish slams door shut.
The Reader 's comprehensive- ish film review index.
Magic sign Ish Smith to help at point guard.
Ish Smith took a red-eye from Los Angeles on Wednesday morning, stuck in a middle seat, the bane of all travelers.
'The Rum Diary' review: in Puerto Rico, a young Hunter S Thompson- ish type gets his gonzo on.
Monroe's Sean Brady fin- ished ninth overall in 16:51 and Anthony Wohlfeil and Adam Russell ran well.
Remember those stalker-ish emails sent out by the Obama campaign all year.
A spoiler-ish discussion, after the jump.
The pop-rock hitmakers' first new LP in a decade is packed with U2-ish anthems and uptempo electro jams.
America opens at 9, which is to say 9-ish, which has become our saddest hour.
Two local opera companies make good(ish).
The compact Parsons is ideal for a small apartment: Its shallow depth hugs the wall, and since it doesn't look overbearingly desk-ish it can double as a console table or even a bar.
Easter is coming, and that means the ceremonial Unwrapping of the Peeps should begin around now(-ish).
Pigskin Picks goes international with My-Pole-Ish-Horseshoes.

In science:

Contrary to the AHE, however, we observe a dip and peak in the ISHE for weak ferromagnetic NiPd alloys below and above TC , respectively.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
We note that in the AHE measurements, the external field H was applied perpendicularly to the plane, which is different from the ISHE measurements (see Fig. 2b).
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
FIG. 1: Principles of the anomalous Hall and inverse spin Hall effects near TC in a weakly ferromagnetic metal. a, AHE (incident charge current JC ) and b, ISHE (incident spin current JS ).
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
The ISHE is based on the spin to charge current conversion, which follows the vector product as below: JC ∝ JS × sC where JC and JS are the charge and spin current density, sC is the spin orientation of the conduction electron.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
From the field variation, the overall change of ISHE resistance RISHE (equal to VISHE divided by the charge current) can be observed.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
We show representative ISHE resistance RISHE curves for Ni0.08Pd0.92 as a function of the magnetic field at various temperatures in Fig. 3c, where all curves are shifted for clarity.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
For temperatures far below (10 K; black curve) and above (30 K; pink curve) TC , RISHE is completely flat at high enough fields, which is as expected in the ISHE for nonmagnetic systems.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
This is because the spin diffusion length depends simply on the resistivity and the SO interaction of the NiPd wire while the ISHE signal is strongly affected by the type of scattering mechanisms, i.e. skew scattering, side-jump or band structure.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
The increase of ∆R0 ISHE with the doping concentration suggests the extrinsic contribution induced by the Ni impurities.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
ISHE comes from both the extrinsic SHE of Ni impurities and the intrinsic SHE of Pd16 .
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
Despite the fact that ∆R0 ISHE depends strongly on the Ni concentrations, δ∆RISHE does so primarily via a shift to be near the corresponding TC .
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
On the other hand, in the ISHE configuration, both spin-up and down electrons are scattered to the same side.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
ISHE , the anomalous behavior appears to be universal near TC : the three curves almost scale onto one.
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
The low-h model which fits the shape of the galaxy-clustering power spectrum (Peacock 1991) intersects the observed number density at low-ish redshifts (7 – 8), whereas the ‘standard’ h = 0.5 model with its higher degree of small-scale power predicts many more ob jects.
The radio background: radio-loud galaxies at high and low redshifts
He was one of the first to publish data obtained with it, and rapidly establ ished himself as an authority in radio studies of nearby galaxies.
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