• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • -ard The termination of many English words; as, coward, reynard, drunkard, mostly from the French, in which language this ending is of German origin, being orig. the same word as English hard. It usually has the sense of one who has to a high or excessive degree the quality expressed by the root; as, braggart, sluggard .
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n -ard A suffix in nouns of French origin or of a French type. In personal nouns it usually has a sinister implication, as in bastard, coward, dotard, dullard, drunkard, wizard, etc. In other nouns its force, originally intensive, is now scarcely felt, as in billiard, bombard, placard, standard, tankard, etc. In braggard (also braggart) and standard (tree) it has taken the place of -ar = -er; in cockade, originally cockard, and in costard, custard, originally as if costate, crustate, the suffixes -ard and -ate (-ade) have changed places.
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In literature:

Marse Frank Ed'ards lives on Milledge Avenue now.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Arde, a town near the English pale, had been selected as the dwelling-place of Francis and his train.
"Historical Tales, Vol. 4 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
I hy'ard him prayin' for Moses yesterday.
"A Dream of Empire" by William Henry Venable
My grandchillun come and go, back'ards and fo'ards, and tell me 'bout cities, and high falutin' things goin' on here and dere.
"Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 1" by Various
They kin spell a houn' dog so thet he back-tracks 'stid of trailin' for'ards.
"A Pagan of the Hills" by Charles Neville Buck
I reckon there's no nearer land than Easter Island, four hundred good miles norr'ard, and a beat in light winds.
"Foe-Farrell" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Zeze English blay zere creeket very 'ard.
"Happy Pollyooly" by Edgar Jepson
The b'ar squirmed an' struggled agin comin' to setch an' onheerdon end, but up'ard he went, tail foremost, to'ard the clouds.
"The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VI. (of X.)" by Various
Yonder's Mr. Ed'ards's oats ter be cut nex' week, an' on 'tother side de fence Unc' Jim's gyarden burnin' up.
"Standard Selections" by Various
He've a case o' smallpox for'ard, An' we'll hang un, by the Lord!
"Doctor Luke of the Labrador" by Norman Duncan

In poetry:

Parmi d'aver dinanti
Le romite vallate;
Le strade biancheggianti
Ove la fine polve arde in estate;
"Quando?" by Ferdinando Fontana
"Oh, boatswain, down in the for'ard hold
What water do you find?"
"Four foot and a half by the royal gaff
And rather more behind!"
"A Sailor's Yarn" by James Jeffrey Roche
"Or layin' out on a tops'l yard,
Some dark night, shortenin' sail,
With the canvas frozen iron-'ard,
In a shrickin' Cape 'Orn gale."
"The Day's Work" by Cicely Fox Smith
"Dry land," the skipper sez, sez 'e,
"Is a 'ard, 'ard spot; give me the sea."
An' so in 'ospital, sez we --
With a heave ho, me hearties.
"A Land Shanty" by C J Dennis
Our hero now his day had run;
'Twas drawing to'ards the setting sun;
And yet through life no issue made
To heir his fortune and his trade.
"The Tobacconist" by William Hutton
That "some one helse" a lovely dame was
Dear ladies you will heasy tell—
Countess Grabrowski her sweet name was,
A noble title, ard to spell.
"The Knight And The Lady" by William Makepeace Thackeray

In news:

"If you do it, you're going to get sick," DNR 1st Sergeant Joe Ard said.
ARD candidate seems irrational .
Those mysterious 'Bilbo-ards' (thanks to facebooker Jesse for that joke.
(2 P ort I nterface C ard) An expansion board that plugs into a router to add network interfaces PICs may have only one port or multiple ports of the same type.
"Air Pollution Around Schools Is Linked to Poorer Student Health and Academic Performance" by Paul Mohai, Byoung-Suk Kweon, Sangyun Lee, and Kerry Ard, in Health Affairs, May 2011.
Livingston Parish Deputy Jason Ard says, "We're going to be preparing that we're going to have plenty of security and deputies not assigned to the detention wanting to help out.".
Three first time offenders in the criminal justice system were placed in Carbon County's Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD) probation program on Tuesday.
ARDE Barinco's new ARDE Cavitron reactor system utilizes the explosive shearing forces caused by high pressure cavitation release.
Former Meyersdale council members, contractor placed in ARD program.
Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard said his deputies came upon a gruesome scene when responding to the home of Jeffrey Reynolds.
Ard said Reynolds' wife had been stabbed and an unborn child cut out of her abdomen.
Ard said it was a "miracle" the woman has survived.
HERALD Photo/Adam Coleman — Howard College's Taniqua Ards (22) fights off a South Plains defender for a layup in the Hawks' 67-55 win over the Lady Texans in the WJCAC opener Monday at Dorothy Garrett Coliseum.
Ard's pragmatism best suited for lieutenant governor.
Thirteen placed in county's ARD program.

In science:

Because G satisfies Condition A and hh, gj i is discrete, we obtain that C ard(f ix(gj ) ≤ 2 for sufficiently large j .
Test Map and Discreteness Criteria for Subgroups in PU(1,n;C)
This is a contradiction with C ard(f ix(gj )) ≤ 2 as j → ∞.
Test Map and Discreteness Criteria for Subgroups in PU(1,n;C)
We can also acquire that C ard(f ix(gj )) = 4 as j → ∞, for reason see the proof of theorem 3.3.
Test Map and Discreteness Criteria for Subgroups in PU(1,n;C)
This physical diffusion length of photons is given in this approximation by λd (cid:39) ard .
TASI Lectures on Cosmological Perturbations
These findings support the view that the galaxy evolution tow ards higher redshifts apparent in blue light results from enhanced star-formation activity taking place in a population of galaxies which, apart from that, may remain unchanged even out to redshifts of z & 1.
Weak Gravitational Lensing